Roughing the Passer

By: Jesse Cook (Sports Editor) Aaron Rodgers calls out a play to his offense from the shotgun formation. He takes the snap and rolls out right. Anthony Barr pursues him. Rodgers snaps a bullet pass to Martellus Bennett who drops it, immediately cursing his apparent butterfingers. Barr stands up and walks away. Rodgers is down on his back. The Green Bay Packers’ quarterback has a broken clavicle and is out for the rest of the 2017-18 season. Some people say that the new “roughing the passer” rules in the NFL go overboard, but situations like Barr’s hit on Rodgers indicate otherwise. Rodgers had already thrown the football by the time Barr smashed his purple helmet into the quarterback’s collarbone. On the other hand, Rodgers’ teammate, outside linebacker, Clay Matthews  has voiced his disdain for the roughing the passer calls including a tweet stating that, “The calls just keep coming—no matter

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