Are “Training Academies” Making Our Judges More Conservative?

By: Ben Kane (Print Editor in Chief) The Heritage Foundation, a conservative political group, has shut down its law training academy for clerks of prominent federal judges after a New York Times report showed that graduates of the academy were producing more conservative verdicts. Law academics and professors across the spectrum condemned the Federal Clerkship Training Academy, whose lack of transparency and ideological goals led to many labeling the training workshop as an indoctrination meant to mold and persuade minds that will hold powerful positions in the government in the future. Application materials and other information about the program have since been removed from the Heritage Foundation website. The Heritage Foundation defended the relative secrecy of the program, saying that the security and integrity of it would be compromised by disclosing too much information. “It’s a private program, and that’s the way we want to keep it,” the Foundation said.

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