Students and Adults Split on Super Tuesday

By Yanay Rosen (Online Editor-in-Chief).

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump won primary challenges in Sharon and Massachusetts on Super Tuesday.

Bernie Sanders and Marco Rubio won in a school-wide poll conducted by the social studies department. The majority of students voted Democrat, at 65%, with Republicans at 28%. Sharon saw a record voter turnout, with over 4300 votes. The school poll surveyed 788 people, mainly students.

Sharon has had mixed results predicting previous primaries. In 2012, Mitt Romney secured a 75% vote among Republicans, and went on to win the primary. In 2008, Mitt Romney also won, edging out eventual nominee John McCain by 5%. Hillary Clinton also beat Barack Obama in 2008 in Sharon’s district, securing 58% of the vote.

Statistics website Five Thirty Eight  claims Donald Trump is already on track to win the nomination, with 13% more delegates than needed. Five Thirty Eight writer Nate Silver also says that Clinton has a good chance to win the nomination.

Clinton is running ahead of her benchmarks by an average of 16 percentage points tonight, which is equivalent to her holding a 16-point lead over Sanders in national polls. Sanders won a few of his “must-win” states tonight, but not others, and the huge deficits he racked up to Clinton in Southern states will make it hard for him to make up his deficit later on,” he Silver.

The most important issues for Sharon students are education, the economy, college affordability, national security, and racial equality. Campaign finance was voted the least important issue.


Voters in a Washington Post poll ranked the economy, national security, health care, immigration, and tax policy as the most important issues in determining a candidate.

English teacher Ms. Leveckis says that it’s logical that Sharon students value college affordability so greatly.

“It makes sense that students, especially upperclassmen, rank college affordability this highly, because they are primed to be thinking about it.”

Leveckis adds that she also has many conversations with her own daughter, a senior, about college tuition.

Sanders made a late push at a rally in Milton the day before the election, but still fell short. Sanders lost in Milton, 53.9% to 44.5%.

Talon Political Editor Sam Shikora says the rally inspired many attendees.

“The rally was very exciting, all the people were very riled up to see Bernie. Every time he said any sentence they cheered; it seemed like if he said any sentence at all they would have cheered. He spoke about a lot of issues that seemed important to people there.”

Locally, Walpole, Foxboro, Mansfield and Easton voted for Sanders. Clinton won in Brockton, Stoughton, Canton and Norwood.  

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