Pablo Sandoval Weighs Down the Red Sox

By Sam Lefkowitz.

The prototypical MLB third baseman is a lean, agile, and athletic. Because of this, some questioned when the Boston Red Sox dedicated 5 years and $95,000,000 to Pablo Sandoval last season, a player who certainly does not fit this mold.

For all of last season, Sandoval’s weight proved to be a constant question, so many expected Sandoval to make the professional effort to drop a few pounds coming into Spring Training this year. Nonetheless, after initial pictures came out of camp in the past few days, he didn’t lose any weight.

“We outlined he needed to come back in better condition, and along with that, you anticipate there’s the potential for weight for weight to be dropped,” said Red Sox manager John Farrell.

Still, after putting up the worst season of his career, it would be expected that Sandoval would try to make the effort to drop a few pounds. Last season, he hit .245 and hit a mere 10 homeruns, both career lows. However, Sandoval says he didn’t even try to lose weight.

“After the season was over, I started working out to prepare myself to be an athlete in the field. So that’s what I did. I didn’t try to lose weight,” said Sandoval.

So after so many questions surrounding the third baseman’s weight, he didn’t even make an effort to lose a pound. Many Red Sox fans question the professionalism of a star third baseman failing to make the strides expected of him by the organization.

“The reason San Francisco let go of him so easy is because he refused to have a weight clause in his contract, whereas the Red Sox were content with letting him manage his own weight,” said Senior Andrew Filipkowski. “Pablo seems to be differing the blame to the Red Sox for not asking him to lose weight explicitly, but I believe it’s all on him that he came to camp looking like an actual Panda.”

While Spring Training has just started, it is certainly worrisome that Sandoval is already making headlines for the wrong reasons, just like last season. On a team with a lot of potential to really go far this season, Sox fans should hope Sandoval’s weight doesn’t impede his athleticism like last year again.

“As a huge Red Sox fan, I would hate to see Pablo Sandoval’s laziness be the core reason we don’t make it to the World Series. With such a talented, young roster, the team really shouldn’t be damaged by one player’s lack of professionalism,” said sophomore Emma Dunlea.

On the flip side, some students are not with the popular opinion that Sandoval’s weight is an issue. Senior David Roelke argues that the Panda should do what he wants.

“For years now we have all watched the Panda play well, besides one bad year last season. The things he did with the Giants, at probably the same weight he is at now, is undeniably remarkable. I say let the Panda eat whatever he wants, and if he doesn’t perform again this year, then the Sox should force lifestyle changes,” said Roelke.

Photo Courtesy of the Boston Globe

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