Best Albums of 2015

By Hannah Wolfe (A&E Correspondent).

New classics and musical heroes for the modern age run wild in this batch of new releases. This grouping of albums are among the best in a musical year to remember.

1: Adele 25

Adele’s record-breaking comeback is a pop masterpiece for the 21st century. The Brit’s third album is another story about the singer’s life in and out of love. The sophisticated and exquisite sound of Adele’s voice will strike a chord with everyone. Soaring ballads paired with powerhouse pop songs come together to create a work of art. Another stroke of brilliance from a true treasure in modern music.

2: Kendrick Lamar To Pimp a Butterfly

 A rap legend for the modern age is born in Kendrick Lamar. This unique and brilliant masterstroke of modern hip/hop is a beautiful balance between upbeat party jams and deep emotional cleansers. Lamar finally brings live instruments back into hip/hop with this ambitious and challenging work of intellectual poetry from a new rap genius.

3: Faith No More Sol Invictus

 The Bay-Area Nu Metal pioneers have finally made their return to music after an 18-year break. This post-punk and alterna-metal powerhouse of an album is enough to make any metal fan throw their fist in the air. The gothic, omniscient, and atmospheric texture mixed with huge three-part harmonies add tremendous amounts of depth and dimension to a monstrous comeback by one of metal’s all-time greats.

4: Alabama Shakes Sound & Color

 This vintage-rock outfit did the music world another a huge favor with their sophomore effort after 2012’s Boys & Girls. It’s a beautiful mix of bright and colorful rock n’ roll and old-school soul. It’s super rich with organic, vibrant flavors of old and new styles. It’s no surprise Sir Paul McCartney and Prince heard this record and wanted to be a part of the action.

5: Chris Stapelton Traveller

Chris Stapelton is a breath of fresh country air. He leads a stunning master-class in old-school style country songwriting weaving together songs of whiskey-laden heartache and tired life-lessons. With the Southern rock attitude of Lynyrd Skynyrd and voice of a soul singer, Stapelton delivers an album of both bluntness and beauty. Stapelton is a major talent, plain and simple.

6: Gentleman’s Pistols Hustler’s Row

The third record from the 70’s rock revival act from Leeds, England is a rocking and raunchy throwback to the classic rock of yesteryear. The group delightfully combines the sounds of Thin Lizzy, Humble Pie, Saxon and Deep Purple into one groovy, lusty package. It’s classic rock done right with a modern twist.

7: The Weeknd Beauty Behind the Madness

After a string of odd mixtape releases, Abel Tesfaye’s second major-label record is full of drug-induced yet appealing and accessable lyrics that Michael Jackson would’ve danced all over. From provocative metaphors to sensual and seductive ballads, The Weeknd proves with unwavering honesty that makes so revolutionary.

8: Eagles of Death Metal Zipper Down

 Desert rockers EODM have down a wonderful job in creating yet another super fun, upbeat, danceable, rocking record for the millennial music lover. From sweet light-hearted love tunes to raunchy and dirty rock jams the Eagles of Death Metal nail it with their most recent release.

9: Leon Bridges Coming Home

 Leon Bridges sent the music world back in time to the mid-60s with a nice helping of old-school rhythm and blues. The Fort Worth, Texas singer and guitarist is after a retro sound that is reminiscent of true R&B. Leon Bridges soars with this triumph of modern soul.

10: Marilyn Manson The Pale Emperor

 The gothic-metal album fans have been waiting for since the late 90’s finally arrived this year. This eerie, mystical, dark and primal collection of songs is Manson’s best work. Mature sounding and intellectually stimulating, Manson embraces the darker side of his soul lyrically and stylistically. What comes out at the end is brilliant finished product that will stand alone as one Manson’s finest creations.


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