Jump Man Jump Man Jump Man

By Kiki.D (Feature Correspondent).

Everything is going up. Movie tickets used to be 5 bucks and a pair of shoes could be purchased for less than 50 bucks, but times have changed.

Flight club, “New York City’s mecca for buying and selling coveted kicks”, has a reputation for being a must see destination for visiting sneaker heads.

“Flight Club sold one pair of sneakers for more than $1,000. Now there are sneakers that fetch several times that amount,” said Complex sneakers magazine.

Junior Jeremy Cabral says that some sneakers are overpriced but it depends on the size and style of the shoe.

“I don’t mind spending a lot of money on shoes once in a while. Jordan’s aren’t overrated because Michael Jordan is a famous basketball player. He was nice in his time so they’re worth the price,” said Cabral.

SHS physical education teacher Mr. Christiansen says that the costs of some sneakers are a bit outrageous and it’s all because of marketing.

“A quality shoe can be made under $200. However, when you buy a shoe for a low price, you are sacrificing quality. Personally, I’m willing to pay $100 for a shoe that will last me a full year as opposed to a shoe that would rip in 2-3 months,” said Mr. Christiansen.

SHS physical education teacher Mrs.Gassman says that when you buy expensive shoes, you are paying for the brand name; not the shoe itself.

“You can get brand name sneakers for half price. You have to be smart when it comes to shopping; know your brands! Right now I’m wearing Asics that sell for $150 but I got them for $50! You don’t need Jordans and all that other fancy stuff,” said Mrs.Gasaman.

SHS sophomore Larelle Jones says that she likes buying shoes and likes to wear Nike’s but Jordans are overrated.

“I don’t even like Michael Jordan. He once said that he doesn’t make shoes for the poor black kids and he makes them for the rich white kids so I have no interest in supporting him and his brand,” said Jones.

SHS sophomore Ben Schwartz says that Jordans are cool shoes but some are too expensive.

“I just buy what’s comfortable. I’m not too worried about how cool my shoes look. As long as they work and function properly I’m all set,” said Schwartz.

Sophomore Brett Litner says that Jordans are awesome and worth spending the big bucks on.

“They aren’t overrated. Some sneakers are rare so it makes sense for them to be more expensive compared to basic sneakers. Features like icy soles make the sneaker more expensive too. Sneakers are a fashion necessity that they make the outfit complete,” said Litner.


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