Ms. Lodha Joins SHS Staff

By: Daniel Carson (Correspondent)

This year, several new teachers have joined the faculty at Sharon High School, and one of those teachers is a chemistry teacher, Ms. Lodha.

Lodha has taught science for many years. She has taught in both India and the United States for 12 years. Newly employed, Ms. Lodha feels that her connection with her students will allow her to create an efficient classroom.

“I think Chemistry is one of the most interesting subjects. If you like math you should definitely like chemistry because it’s so easy, and it’s the only subject where you do so many labs,” Lodha said.  

“Chemistry answers how things work. It makes life’s little mysteries a little less mysterious,” Lodha added.

Ms. Burke, the Science Department Head, says that Lodha’s determination to join and contribute to our community, along with her past jobs as a high school teacher made her a prominent candidate during the hiring process. “Her professionalism, her experience in teaching high school chemistry, and her desire to work here and be a member of our community really made her stand out,” Burke said.

Lodha has worked in India and has worked in several schools after coming to the United States. “I have worked for many years in India, but after I moved to the US I have worked in City on a Hill Charter School along with the charter school in Foxborough. I did my student teaching at South Boston High School,” Lodha said.

Lodha says she became interested in teaching because of a teacher she had in her childhood. “There is always someone who inspires you in life, I had a very good science teacher, she was amazing. So that made me think about a teaching career,” Lodha said.

Lodha says that a good teacher should be able to communicate with their students, so they can create an effective classroom environment. “If you have a very good rapport with kids, then it’s very easy to mold them,” she said.

Lodha is from Sharon and says she wanted to work here because Sharon High is such a high achieving school. “Sharon High School is top-rated and being from Sharon I always wanted to work here,” she said.

Lodha, although she has just started teaching, already appreciates the work ethic and determination of Sharon students. “I am enjoying teaching here, it’s amazing to see the thirst in kids for knowledge and their motive to excel in everything they do,” Lodha concluded.

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