Mr. Joy Joins SHS Staff

By: Daniel Zagoren (Correspondent)

The English department has a new addition to its staff for the 2019-2020 school year. A theatrical enthusiast, Mr. Adam Joy is excited to start the new school year in Sharon. 

Mr. Joy has been teaching at other schools around the Plymouth and Norfolk County area for the past few years specializing in theater. He started taking an interest in theater when he was in high school and took inspiration from his teachers growing up. 

“It looked fun. I tried it out and then I got really passionate about it. Luckily, I had really great theater teachers that motivated me to learn as much as I could. Everything good in my life, from my marriage to all my friends, came from doing theater,” said Joy. 

Before coming to Sharon High, Adam has “bounced around” teaching theater education at East Bridgewater High School and Abington High School, as well as numerous performing arts academies. 

For the upcoming year, Joy says he hopes to establish a collaborative classroom where he can promote a shared learning experience for everyone that comes through the door.

He also adds that he hopes he is able to learn as much from his students as his students will learn from him. 

Mr. Joy is one of many new teachers who are excited to start their first year at Sharon High School. Sharon High is welcoming many new staff members for the 2019-2020 school year across many curriculums. 

Mr. Joy praises the Sharon High School environment. “I like the people, I like the passion, I like that there are high expectations. I think it is great that everyone is so invested in their own progress and to have a good future. It has been a great experience so far,” Joy said. 

According to Mr. Joy, a successful school environment should consist of students and teachers working together, along with a mindset for learning, full of, “collaborative experiences, learning from others, tolerance, patience, and kindness.”

Since teaching theater for the past couple of years, Joy has since got an English teaching certification and is happy to be back teaching in the English department. Joy will be teaching freshman and senior English classes, along with select electives.

Students at Sharon High are excited to welcome in the new faculty and to start off the new year.

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