New iPhone 11 Models Hit the Tech Market

By: Brady Daylor (Correspondent)

With the arrival of any new iPhone, there is usually a rush to get it. On September 10th, 2019 a new wave of consumers rushed to get the new iPhone 11.

Apple offers three models for interested customers. There is the standard $700 iPhone 11, the $1,000 iPhone 11 Pro, and the iPhone 11 Pro Max costing a rousing $1,100. To compare, the iPhone X now only costs anywhere from $650-$730. 

A new component about the iPhone 11 is the camera. This new feature is definitely not going unnoticed.

Sophomore Max Sherman says the camera is the best new feature. “The iPhone 11 has a camera that is unmatched to the iPhone 10 (X),” Sherman said. 

The new iPhone 11 Pro has not one, not two, but three cameras. There is an improved standard lense that all the iPhones have. The second lens is a “zoom-out” lense that allows you to get a wider view of the setting.

The final lens that is only special to the iPhone 11 Pro is a zoom-in feature. While the standard iPhone 11 has only a 5x zoom, the iPhone 11 pro has a 10x zoom.

Other iPhone 11 users have noticed there are many parts of the new iPhone 11 that have been improved greatly.

Adin Kamens, a Sophomore says there is much better battery life and even the screen is brighter. “All around it just looks really good,” Kamens added.

With most great things, there comes some opposition. Not everyone is keen on the new device.

Sophomore Ben Levinson says he would not be interested in getting the new model of the iPhone and that he is satisfied with his iPhone 8. “I  would not consider getting one (iPhone 11). It is too expensive and not different enough,” Levinson said. 

This new iPhone 11 drop comes at the same time that another technology powerhouse, Samsung, released its new phone. Their new phone is called the Samsung Galaxy A90 5G. This new mobile device rivals the iPhone 11 because of its new 5G cellular and it only costs about $830. Which is right in between the standard iPhone 11 and the iPhone 11 Pro.

Sophomore Samsung user, Adam Landstein, says the new iPhone devices are ridiculously big and the prices are way too high. “iPhones are just a fad that people won’t stop buying for some reason,” Landstein said.

Landstein adds that the radiation levels from the iPhone are much higher than those of Samsung phones.

To compete with another rising competitor, the Google Pixel, the iPhone 11 Pro now comes with an all-new Night mode. This allows the user to take photos in the dark and it will add more light to your regularly darker photo.

The new iPhone 11 is the next big thing in the eyes of some because of all the new and improved features, but others observe that this new tech looks the same as it does every year.

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