Celebrating Our Diversity in SHS

By Amanda Clark (Managing Editor).

The Foreign Language National Honors Society hosted a Cultural Fair after school on November 18 to celebrate the diversity of our students.

“The FLNHS Culture Fair began last year when the officers wanted to create an exciting and educational experience for all students…It was shown that over 20 different languages and cultures were represented here at SHS- and the same holds true this year,” said Señor Brillant, the academic advisor of FLNHS.

The current officers of FLNHS say they are very passionate about this project and have been planning a very long time for the event.

Senior Brianna Arnold, president of FLNHS, says she was proud of the big turn out at the Cultural Fair. “The Cultural Fair gives students the opportunity to share a part of who they are and teaches others about languages and cultures in a meaningful way,” said Arnold.

The Cultural Fair featured a variety of student-run booths, food, music, and more.

“All stations will offer historic and linguistic information, some will offer foods native to that particular culture and some students will be dressed in clothing representative of that culture,” said Brillant.

Senior Ashley Mukasa says the Cultural Fair is a way to connect students of different backgrounds and cultures.

“As Sharon becomes more and more ethnically diverse, I think there is an increasing importance for students to become educated on cultures other than their own,” said Mukasa.

Freshman Maxine Gordon says that she appreciates how accepting and inviting Sharon High is to all different cultures.

“As a new student in the high school, I have definitely taken note of the diversity and inclusiveness. The Cultural Fair was not like anything I have ever seen before in the school system,” said Gordon.

Brillant says the Cultural Fair gave students the opportunity to learn about other language and cultures, but most importantly about each other.

“The fair has proven to be a great way to celebrate diversity and to show that we are part of an educational community that values its heritage and is excited about sharing this information with others,” said Brillant.

Arnold added, “Learning from someone’s personal experiences will always be more powerful than anything you could get from a textbook.”

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  • November 20, 2015 at 1:11 pm

    What a wonderful event! It is amazing to see so many different languages and cultures represented.


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