Who Won the School Committee Election?

By: Emma Botelho (Correspondent)

After a spirited day of Sharon Town Elections, Ms. Marcy Kaplan and Ms. Fern Fergus were elected to the School Committee.

The two Sharon residents had been campaigning for the past few months along with other candidates, Julie Rowe, Adam Shain, and Anna Belak. The voting started early on Tuesday, May 21st, at Sharon High School, and ended around 8 pm. Although only Marcy and Fern were elected, the candidates all could agree that change needs to occur in Sharon.

“I’m really excited to join, there are so many capable people on the board and in the community and I definitely have a lot to add in terms of the ability to work collaboratively with people coming from all different backgrounds and philosophies,” said newest school committee member Ms. Fern Fergus.

Rosabelle Fergus, the daughter of Fern Fergus, says that Fern is really good at working in big groups.

“I am very excited for her, she is super energetic and so excited for new challenges and is ready to work hard with the other school committee members,” Fergus said.

Adam Shain, a candidate who ran for School Committee wants to see “change,” happen for Sharon.

“A lot of the changes I care about are on the administrative side and the school administrators themselves do a really good job, although it was so upsetting to me watching the protests that took place earlier because the students were just leading the way. I loved the letters, I thought that was the perfect form of a very respectful and appropriate protest to make your voices heard, and the fact that they were torn down was shocking and ridiculous,” said Shain.

“We should be able to hear people’s voices, we should be able to bring our whole self to school and express yourself,” added Candidate Shain.

Candidate Anna Belak wants “more engagement” in the community.

We have really great students and parents in this community that really care about education and want to be involved in it,” said Belak.

“I think that we could really bring them into the school committee and have their ideas heard and have them help out a little bit with the projects to really get them involved and interested so we can have a unified view and less of this arguing we have seen,” added Belak.

Caroline Smith-Lee, a supporter of Fern and Marcy says school committee is the “act of good collaborative governance.”

“I have a lot of background with what goes on in the school committee, my mom was on the school committee for 8 years… and what a lot of people don’t necessarily understand about the work the school committee does is that is not a lot of flashy stuff, it’s the act of good collaborative governance on a day to day business,” said Smith-Lee

“Obviously I am supporting Marcy and Fern and I’ve known them for quite a bit of time and I know they care deeply about bringing about the progress Sharon needs to make sure it is providing an equitable education for all students,” added Smith-Lee.

All candidates support for a new high school that will be built.

“The new building is a big issue. We would really like to have a new building as soon as possible. One of the things I hope to do is get a really nice consensus and a good message on this project so the people can really rally around it so we don’t fail the town meeting because that would be terrible,” said Belak”

“We should really incorporate the student-teacher feedback first and then the parent feedback and bring that all together for a reasonable plan we can afford,” added Belak.

Smith-Lee also wants a “centralized office” where kids can see the school psychologist.

“When I was here, it was a stigma. It was up in the library and we were hiding it from everybody if we needed to talk to an adult professional and a lot of people needed it,” said Smith-Lee.

Marcy and Fern’s term as school committee members will last for three years.

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