Tiger Woods Makes Epic Return

By: Jared Karten (Sports Correspondent)

With his recent Masters win, Tiger Woods looks to have preserved his golf dominance.

Suffering through 11 years of winless strife, severe back pain, and leg pain, Woods went under back surgery where he replaced an old idsc with a new one. The operation was performed by Dr. Richard Guyer of the Center for Disc Replacement at the Texas Back Institute.

“The surgery went well, and I’m optimistic this will relieve my back spasms and pain,” Woods said. “When healed, I look forward to getting back to a normal life, playing with my kids, competing in professional golf and living without the pain I have been battling so long.”

With this surgery, Dr. Guyer expected Woods to make a recovery in about six months; however, Woods thought different. With the fourth back surgery in his career, by his own admission was the last straw of a legendary and record-breaking career.

“This surgery was about quality of life because I didn’t really have much,” Woods told reporters earlier this week. “I’ve been in bed for about two years and hadn’t been able to do much.

“People ask me, ‘Why don’t you go out to dinner?’ I can’t. I can’t sit. So to be able to have the ability to go out and do things like that, and on top of that to be able to participate in my kids’ sports again. As you know, I love sports, I like playing sports and I grew up doing it, so to be able to play with them again, man I’ve missed it,” Woods added.

Tiger Woods is arguably the best golfer of all time with his 81 official PGA Tour events, second only to Sam Snead (82). With this comeback to win the masters, Woods may have just slipped past the all time great to be the best ever to hit the green.

Junior Cameron Baker said that one does not have to have an extensive knowledge of golf to know that Woods is the best of the best. He said, “I don’t know much about golf, but after reading and watching Tiger Woods do what he does, I believe he is the best to ever do it. To me, I don’t think the greatest should be defined on how they perform, rather the accomplishments they make throughout their career, and that’s why I think Tiger [Woods] is the best player ever.”

“I had serious doubts after what transpired a couple years ago,” Woods says. “I could barely walk. I couldn’t sit, couldn’t lay down. I really couldn’t do much of anything. This is just unreal, to be honest with you. This has meant so much to me and my family, this tournament, and to have everyone here, it’s something I’ll never, ever forget.”

With all hope lost, with all the world believing his career was over, Woods was able to defy the odds and prevail to win the 2019 Masters tournament in Augusta, Georgia.

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