Sharon Tri-M Sees First Re-Election Bids

By: Jesse Cook (Sports Editor)

Most of the way through its inaugural year, the Sharon High School chapter Tri-M faces its second bout of executive committee elections in its history. This will be the first time any sitting member on the Executive Committee for the chapter has their seat challenged.

Tri-M is a music honor society with chapters across the United States

Sophomore and club member Jeffrey Xiang that with many seniors departing after this year for college, but no new members joining and/or running for office, he thinks there will be a boost in enthusiasm amongst candidates and incumbents. He said, “I think there will be a challenge in the competition, but yeah there will be a little more (competitiveness).”

Regardless of the turnout of the elections, he said that Tri-M’s initial purpose will remain a main theme among the new board. He said, “Tri-M is a great organization… I feel like part of Tri-M is getting the word out on what the music department can do—like getting the word out to the community, the greater school community, and the Sharon community on what the music department does and what it has the ability to do.”

Candidates and incumbents alike must fulfill campaign requirements such as acquiring signatures from fellow club members and writing an campaign statement outlining why they feel that they are the best candidate for the position they are running for.

The advisor and founder of the Sharon Chapter, Mr. James Brodeur, disagreed with Xiang’s statement, saying that since very few seniors are leaving, there will not be a substantial rise in competitiveness. He said, “The Class of 2019 comprises only 20% of our current members, so I do not think this will necessarily make the elections more competitive.”

He said that despite the probable decrease in competition, he said that he is thankful for this year’s board, but he is optimistic about whatever board is elected for next year. He said, “I do hope that members come forward to serve. I am so grateful for the leadership and dedication of this year’s executive committee. They have laid a great foundation, but there is much still to be done! Electing a committee now will allow the officers to hit the ground running in September.”

He expressed concerns that many people do not know what Tri-M is or what the group is about, so he offered an explanation and an outline of what these candidates are vying to run. He said, “First, Tri-M honors and recognizes musical excellence. Until now, there has not been an organization dedicated to honor musicians here at Sharon High School. Tri-M joins the ranks of other organizations here from National Honor Society, to the Thespian Honor Society, to foreign language honor societies. Second, Tri-M provides members opportunities for musical growth. Membership in Tri-M is more than an honor, it is a challenge to become a better musician. This is the rationale for our musicianship requirement. Next year, I hope we can offer workshops to give members more opportunities for growth and development. Finally, Tri-M provides members a voice in the music department. Student voice is a common phrase here at Sharon High School this year, and Tri-M gives members an opportunity to impact our music department. This student voice is best heard in our executive committee.”

Tri-M elections for the Executive Committee opened today, Tuesday, April 30, at 7:00 am and the polls will close at 7:00 am tomorrow on Wednesday, May 1.

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