SHSTC Presents: Honk! Jr.

By: Brooke Janson (Contributor)

Sharon High School Theater Company (SHSTC) is proud to present their Jr. Drama production of Honk! Jr.

During the spring season, high schoolers work to incorporate elementary schoolers into a junior (simplified) musical. At first, they will develop their skills separately but come together as the show approaches.

Senior Dominique Gnagne, one of the directors of the musical, said that the show is based around an old classic. “The show is basically the story of the ugly duckling. There is a couple, Ida and Drake, and Ida has ducklings so out comes ‘Ugly.’ They all treat him differently because he looks different, but then he meets other animals who teach him to love himself,” said Gnagne.

Freshman Erica Schoen, playing the lead role, says that she is excited to be playing as Ugly. “Ugly is a very loveable, endearing character, and despite the dramatization, anyone can relate to his story, which is why I’m so ecstatic to step into his shoes,” said Schoen.

Erica adds, “The kids who are involved also bring a fun energy to the show… we can take a break from our worries and just have fun with them- their talent and enthusiasm are sure to brighten up this show even more!”

Riley Forster, another director, said that the incorporation of the elementary schoolers has been very exciting. “The elementary schoolers do activities, learn songs and dances, and even get their own line in the show. We incorporate them as much as possible to give them the true theatre experience and get them excited to come to high school theatre in a few years,” said Forster.

Declan Hogan, the stage manager, said that he actually did a junior drama when he was a kid. “I did the program for the first time when I was nine and it was my first exposure to this great collaboration of art that has become my most dedicated pastime for the past half decade. My goal is to have a similar impact on these kids- and to recruit company members for future generations of SHSTC,” said Hogan.
The audience can expect to see the incredible production of Honk! Jr. take the stage May 19th at 2:00 pm and 5:30 pm.

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