With Gronk Gone, Patriots Plan for Future

By: Rohan Bommaraju (Correspondent)

With the departure of Rob Gronkowski to retirement, NFL fans have to ask one question what will the Patriots do now?

The Patriots have only made two notable offseason moves, the resigning of wide receiver Phillip Dorsett, and the trade for defensive end Michael Bennett. The Patriots have lost defensive end Trey Flowers, wide receiver/return man/backup running back Cordarrelle Patterson, left tackle Trent Brown, and defensive tackle Malcolm Brown.

The Patriots also haven’t signed a kicker, but they did re-sign punter Ryan Allen. The Patriots always have an eye on special teams, I doubt that Bill Belichick won’t sign or draft a specialist return man or kicker since he puts a high value on special teams. Freshman Amrik Eadera says “They will resign Gostkowski, and they would use one of their fast corners since they won’t waste a draft pick on a return man.”

Freshman Jacob Bleerker agrees “No need for drafting a kicker, do it next year when we have more picks, I say re-sign Gostkowski. Yes they should draft a kick returner and yes corners because the Pats always focus on defense, however, nobody really knows because there are many rounds and many picks”

The Patriot has a replacement already for left tackle Trent Brown from 23rd overall pick from last year’s draft Isaiah Wynn. The Pats trade for Bennett who is the replacement for Trey Flowers, Yet they still haven’t gotten a kick returner or a defensive tackle.

The Patriots run a 4–2–5 or 3–3–5 which are both nickel, so they do use their defensive tackles more than most teams do. The Patriots should move 3rd-year player Adam Butler to the starting second defensive tackle spot, as well as sign defensive end Ezekiel Ansah. The Patriots Super Bowl 51 winning season had eight defensive linemen in the rotation, allowing the Patriots to throw anything at their opponents at any times. By picking up Ezekiel Ansah, the Patriots would have seven good defensive linemen in the rotation allowing them to recapture the firepower of the super bowl 51 seasons. Eadera says “this is a good idea, it will strengthen their capabilities at the line and allow them the wreak havoc on opposing teams offensive lines.”

Bleerker agrees to say “Ansah would deepen their rotation”

Freshman Shane Sekuler says “I think their line is a little bit weak at the moment, it would be a good idea to get Ansah”

The Patriots don’t have a tight end on the roster since Rob Gronkowski retired and Dwayne Allen signed with the dolphins. The Patriots should try and target Noah Fant if he drops to 32nd overall pick. Bleerker agrees that they should draft a tight end “They have to draft an offensive weapon to keep Brady, such as Irv Smith Jr”

Joshi agrees “I think that they will look to draft a tight end because if the tight end is a good college player, he can be brought up through Belichick’s system.”

Eadera also agrees “I think drafting a tight end might a possible option, but the Pats could also attempt to strengthen their defense or wide-receiver core.”

Sekuler disagrees saying “We won’t get a tight end in free agency, because I doubt the Patriots would pay the money to pay one. We might sign a free agent randomly, but I doubt it would be that big of a name.”

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