Shazam Movie Sparks Anticipation

By: Jack Lane (Correspondent)

David Sandberg is bringing yet another action filled movie to the big screen in his new feature film, Shazam. This film showcases actors from movies such as It and Sherlock Holmes but also shows the audience a few new faces that they have never seen before.

The movie’s plot is similar to most other Marvel films but has a few twists as well. It is based on the main character, 14-year-old Billy Batson, transforming his friend into a superhero. The only difference is that his friend has a teenage brain, but is stuck in an adult’s body.

When the movie was first announced, it surprised many people due to the fact that they have not seen a Shazam movie since the 1940’s. Although this character has been around as long as Superman and Batman, Warner Bros has not filmed a movie with Shazam as a lead character in a long time.

The movie’s anticipated release date is currently April 5, 2019, and already has people talking. Many people have expressed interest in buying tickets beforehand, and hardcore fans of Shazam have talked about throwing view parties for the movie’s premiere.

In addition to the main characters, the movie also features stars such as Asher Angel as Captain Marvel, Djimon Hounsou as Shazam, and Marta Milans as Rosa Vasquez.

Many people have been spotted online saying that they were not expecting to be a fan of the film, but after viewing the second trailer, they believe that this movie is going to be more fun, action filled, and creative than Aquaman and could be the best film that the franchise has ever released.

Many directors have been trying to bring the film to the big screen for the last 15 years but have failed for many different reasons. When the film finally got passed by the franchise, director David Sandberg, jumped on his opportunity to start filming and is now directing the movie.

Freshman Caroline Grifone says the movie trailer was very captivating and got her excited for the movie’s release. “When I first heard about the movie I was not very excited about the release, but after I watched the trailer I knew that I was going to buy a ticket for it,” said Grifone.

Although the movie has not officially been released, many of the reviews from critics so far have been subpar.

io9 blogger Grant Lussier says the movie is particularly unique. “The humor & action you’d expect from a superhero film are there, but [Shazam] stands out because of the emotional, family story at its center,” said io9’s Lussier.

Slashfilm blogger Peter Sciretta says he enjoyed the new superhero film. “The movie is parts Home Alone, parts Big, a [crowd-pleasing] family-friendly joy-filled wish-fulfillment superhero film which gets a bit over the top and cheesy at times” said Sciretta.

So far, critics of the movie have nothing but great things to say about it. They are excited for the mix of classical aspects with a few new twists thrown in. Many people are excited about their favorite character making his first appearance on the big screen after 40 years.

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