Revisiting Basketball’s “One and Done” Rule

By: Jared Karten (Sports Correspondent)

Here we are again discussing the one and done rule, the rule prohibiting amateur high school athletes to go from high school straight into the National Basketball Association(NBA).

Following a scary fall by basketball sensation and potential first pick in the upcoming NBA draft, Zion Williamson, not only was the fate of his basketball career in question, but also the future of college basketball.

Denver Nugget and former Boston Celtic, Isaiah Thomas tweeted on this skepticism when he tweeted, “Let these kids go straight out of HS!!! Too much on the line to be messing with college if you got a legit chance to turn pro. One injury can change somebody career.”

However, Duke basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski says Williamson wants to play. “He loves being at Duke. He doesn’t like being injured.”

Despite a select few basketball prodigies being arguably “ready” for the NBA, the league prohibits all basketball players under the age of 19 going into the NBA.

“People have their own personal needs. Let’s say a player could go to the NBA and instantly make millions for his impoverished family, it’s safe to say that player shouldn’t be at risk of injuring himself in college and fail to create a career for himself at the next level,” said junior Jake Ross.

“Education is important. What happens if you get to the NBA and bust your knee out the first game you play in and are never able to come back? Now your just a busted up player who would have made millions. However, you have no degree and can’t get a job to support your family,” argued junior Patrick Monaghan.

In the past, we have seen NBA players go straight to the NBA out of high school Lebron James, Kevin Garnett, Derrick Rose, and Dwight Howard, and Kobe Bryant are some of the few that have been able to create long successful pro careers. However, players like Kwame Brown, Jonathan Bender, Sebastian Telfair are some of the few failed careers coming out of high school.

“It’s a risk for sure. I mean you have all this talent and given the circumstances for some of these players, going to the NBA from high school may be their one shot at happiness for their family. If you get injured in college ball, your career could be over. If not, you could go to the NBA and make millions. Some of these players need immediate money for their families so it is very difficult to decide and to criticize these players on their decisions,” said junior Aaron Karten.

For the time being, the one and done rule will continue to hold its place in the NBA rulebook. However, after the 2021 NBA draft, NBA commissioner Adam Silver will re-evaluate this rule for the future.

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