Why Do Freshmen Procrastinate?

By: Simone Dunbar (Correspondent)

Procrastination is a work-delaying tactic that many freshmen at Sharon High School say they use every day.

Studies show that procrastination has poor effects on the motivation, grades, and overall health of high school students. Eighty-seven percent of students report that they procrastinate and forty-five percent report negative impacts on their grades due to procrastination on daily basis. Although they understand the impacts of procrastinating, most students say that they end up postponing their work anyways.

Freshman Ashley Young says she procrastinates as often as every day of the week. “I think I put off my bigger homework assignments more, like essays and projects. I’ll say to myself, Oh, I’ll do it after I do my little homework,” said Young.

“I always watch TV or Netflix when I take a break. [I tell myself that] I’ve been working all day at school so I deserve it,” added Young. She says that once she takes time off she ends up sitting there for hours.

Freshman Jasmine Ni comments on her procrastination habits as well. “I procrastinate every single day of my life. I have a very bad sleep schedule. If I’m starting to procrastinate I might as well keep going because I’ll end up doing it and it doesn’t matter how late I go to sleep,” Ni said.

“I tell myself to start at 7:05, but if I then look at the clock and it’s 7:06 I say it’s too late and I have to start at 7:10. Then, I decide that 7:10 is a weird number so I start at 7:15. It keeps going over and over,” Ni added.

Ni says that her methods of procrastination create an endless, vicious cycle.
“I am usually on YouTube, my phone, and eating food. I get distracted very easily. Sometimes I have to throw my phone across the room, so that I don’t look at it. I know that if it’s by me I am going to pick it up at one point just to look at my notifications. If I don’t have any notifications I go into it and find something to take up my time,” said Ni.

She says that she is usually on YouTube and Netflix while also eating, so technically she is doing three things at a time, none of which are her homework.

Ni and Young say that procrastination has become a bad habit that will be hard to shake before Junior Year. “I think that when things pick up, maybe next year or in Junior Year, it will be like a slap in the face because I’m going to have to stop [delaying work] or else I’m not going to have time to do all of the things that I want to,” said Ni.

Freshman Abby Gott says that she procrastinates every day after school. “I go home and I watch Netflix. I keep telling myself that I’m supposed to be doing my schoolwork, but it just never happens,” said Gott.

“I always leave essays until the last minute which I realize is bad. I tell myself that I’ll wake up really early to finish the essay. Then, I see that it’s terrible and I should have gone in for help. I should have started it a week ago. Also, studying for tests, I leave that until the last minute alot too. That doesn’t result in good grades,” said Gott. She says that she regrets putting off so many important assignments after she turns them in.

Gott says that procrastination will affect her in the long run. “When I get to Junior and Senior Year it’s going to be really bad. There’s going to be so much work, because you have to deal with applying for colleges at the same time as doing you other school work,” said Gott.

Freshman Melanie Lefkowitz says she also procrastinates every day. “I tell myself that I deserve a break after a long day of school,” said Lefkowitz. She says that there are no specific subjects where she procrastinates more than others, but she tends to put off longer essays and homework. “I tend to procrastinate with longer assignments and I think that it now will affect my work ethic in the long run,” said Lefkowitz.

“I usually watch Netflix or YouTube when I procrastinate. I regret it because then I would have had more free time later that night,” added Lefkowitz.

reshman Niki Murthy says that she procrastinates very often. “Even in the smallest things like putting away my plate or trying to start my homework right when I get home, my mind just seems to want to do absolutely nothing all the time.”

“I keep telling myself, I’ll do it later, don’t worry I’ll get it done, but I somehow always end up doing most of it the night before,” said Murthy. Murthy says she uses much reason to attempt to justify her procrastination.

“Assignment wise, I tend to procrastinate essays or big projects like that. But, even on a smaller scale, I procrastinate my homework every day and sleep around 12 AM when I could have slept at 9 if I didn’t put YouTube and Netflix ahead of my schoolwork,” said Murthy. She says that sometimes she feels guilty after her work is done, but since it is all finished she says there is no need to regret it.

“I watch YouTube a lot. It’s so addicting and every day I tell myself, today you’re gonna start your homework right when you get home and sleep early, but my brain just doesn’t let me,” Murthy concluded.

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