Celtics Winless Since All Star Break

By: Matt Jacobson (Sports Editor)

The Boston Celtics are on a four game losing skid since the All Star Break losing to the Milwaukee Bucks, Chicago Bulls, Toronto Raptors, and Portland Trail Blazers. They failed to score over 100 points in three out of the four games. They were 0-3 on the road and 0-1 at home.

The Celtics are fifth in the Eastern Conference of the National Basketball Association and are three games behind the Philadelphia 76ers for the fourth place spot. They play the Washington Wizards at the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts at 8:00 p.m. Friday night.

Students are disappointed with their hometown team’s recent performances.

“Well I think that the Celtics have not been performing as well as how they were before,” said senior Shravan Balaji.

“I feel like they are kind of a dissapointment, just because everyone thought Gordon Hayward mixed with Kyrie Irving was going to be so amazing, but they disappointed a lot of fans including me,” said junior Abby Shultz.

“I think that they are in a tough spot right now,” said junior Will Mayo.

Sharon High School’s girls varsity basketball head coach Sandy Lombardi, who led her team to best season since the 2015-2016 season going 9-11, is not impressed with the Celtics, “To be honest I’m disappointed in how the Celtics are playing right now,” she said.

They share some strategies that may help the beloved basketball team turn their losing ways around.

“I think that a lot of times we have been trying three pointers more and that gives us a less opportunity for us to win, so I think if the Celtics want to improve, they should limit the amount of threes they take and force more layups,” said Balaji.

“I think if they just bring up their defensive intensity they will be better,” Mayo says.

“They have a lot of talent but they are struggling because they are not playing like a team,” Lombardi says.

Despite the negativity surrounding this season, there is still hope about a possible playoff run.

“I think Philly is going to be really hard to beat if we are matched up against them, but hopefully we will be able to shine in the playoffs even if we are not doing as well as we thought in the regular season,” Schultz said

I think we will be alright cause I do not think that anyone will beat us in a seven game series like Kyrie said the other day,” Mayo said. “Our intensity will definitely be up, we will be able to prepare for one team a lot more than in the regular season and I think our team the Celtics will try a lot harder and Kyrie will help us go deep into the playoffs,” he added.

Coach Lombardi offers advice for the Celtics in the playoffs, “If they are fortunate to make the playoffs they will only be successful if they change their individual style of play,” she said. “Toronto is the team to beat right now and the Celtics looked bad the other night against them,” she added.

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