Awkward First Date Stories

By: Savaughn Vasconcelos (Online Editor in Chief)

Dating culture comes from a long line of past expectations of a “perfect date” that have created a long list of things people should do on a date and what they shouldn’t. From casual dating to Snapchat to Tinder, dating has gone from coming to the front door with flowers to a text saying “I’m here”. The evolution of dating is still no match for the awkward first dates that many have had.

All of the included stories were told anonymously and no names will be used in this story for the sake of the anonymity of both of the people that went on these dates. Warning: chivalry is totally dead in all of these situations.

This person said they had gone on a date with a friend in their class. “We had a class together and I had just gotten out of a relationship, he knew that and he was really nice. He got my number and started texting me, and he asked me in class if I wanted to hangout that weekend. No boy will call a date a date, they’ll call it a hangout. So, I said yes because I figured why not because I thought I would have a good time,” they said.

They said the plan of the date was a simple and sweet dinner and a movie. “He was really nice and a year older, and we had really good conversation. We went to dinner and a movie and I realized during dinner that I didn’t have any other feeling other than friendly ones and I was nervous that he’d make a move so I made sure to keep my body language friendly. I felt awkward because I knew that I had to be around for much longer because we still had to see the movie. He picked me up at 6:30 with reservations for 7 but I didn’t get back until much later,” they said.

They said when dinner finished, the movie starts, and then the awkward truly sets in. “I was texting my friends in the middle of the movie that it was so awkward and I wanted to go home, and I didn’t want him to make a move on me and that’s when I knew that I didn’t want to go on a second date,” they said.

They said that the date ended, and the person gets dropped off back at their home. “We ended the night, and he dropped me back off at home and it was really late. I went in to give him a hug because I wanted to say thank you, but I think he thought I was going in for a kiss, which I would never do, but he smoothly played it off. He texted me saying he had a really good time that night. I texted him after ghosting him for a little bit, and he figured something was up. I said that I wasn’t interested and I saw him as a friend and he took it really well, and said he had a lot of fun with me and appreciated me as a friend. Now, we don’t really talk,” they said.

Another person said they had a pretty great start to their date. “We went to CBS Scene, I got the caesar salad because it was the cheapest thing on the menu, then we went to the movies and I had to pay for my ticket because he didn’t have enough money. Once we got into the movie, he kissed me,” they said.

They said the date took a sudden turn. “He looked at his phone and sister texted saying that she was in the movie as well and they needed to go because their mom was waiting in the parking lot. The movie was only half over so I watched the ending half of Cars 3 alone,” they said.

They said the date to the movies started as any date would. “So this guy was in college and he was back from school for summer vacation. We used to go to the same school, so we were talking and wanted to go on a date to the movies.”

They said the guy was holding back some information. “First off, he had a girlfriend that he just wouldn’t break up with. Second, we drove different cars there so I get there and I see him. He gets popcorn and we go into the movie,” they said.

They said the date got so awkward that the person made an escape plan. “I just didn’t want to be there anymore, so half way through the movie I told him I had to use the bathroom and ran to my car and drove away,” they said.

From watching Cars 3 alone to running to the car to texting friends in the movies, awkward dates really do happen to the best of us. These dates prove that sometimes, the vibe isn’t right and it’s time to get up go.

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