SHSTC’s Student Directed Showcase

By: Brooke Janson (Contributor)

Sharon High School Theater Company (SHSTC) is proud to present three Student Directed shows: August, Opnar Aun Kauerdas, and the Rainbow Beneath.

This winter season, students take responsibility and create shows of their own. Each original show touches on relevant subjects in society today including sexuality, gender identity, and anti semitism.

Senior Kyle Ginsberg, a writer and one of the directors of August says that, “this year we take on more serious topics and that’s important for any audience to see and any student to produce.”

August, which is co-directed by junior Jasper Olson, features a teenager named Agnes who leaves a toxic group of friends and discovers that they are transgender.

Kyle says that the plot is based around his life and the struggles he had to face. “I’ve had the idea of portraying it in a show for a while. I started writing it in February or March of last year and from there, it quickly developed.”

Junior Jesse Cook, creator, and one of the directors of Opnar Aun Kaurdas, says that his show “focuses on themes of domestic abuse, anti semitism, and dishonesty in the media.”

With the help of Ms. Sammons from Sharon Middle School, Jesse and co-director junior Max Goodman, were able to incorporate modern events and themes into the show.

“If I could describe the entire showcase in one word, I would call it ‘Triumphant.’ These shows are important and very hard to look away from,” added Jesse.

Hanna Bielawa, the first freshman to write and direct a Student Directed show, is grateful to have the opportunity to express ideas and co-direct with senior Marissa Skulsky.

The show, The Rainbow Beneath, is about a teenage boy who has a girlfriend but is secretly bisexual and has a crush on his male best friend.

Hanna says that the directing process has been fulfilling, as “it’s easy to work with the actors because they’re our friends so they’re usually open to suggestions we make.”

Sophomore Megan Hanlon, the assistant stage manager of the Student Directed Showcase, says that “the casts love each other and have such a good time working with each other. They enjoy creating their characters and experimenting with new ideas.”

Megan adds that the audience can expect to see the three incredible original productions take the stage January 17th and 18th, 2019.

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