Red Dead Redemption 2

By: George Acevedo (Correspondent)

The long-awaited game that was 8 years in the making, Red Dead Redemption 2, was released on October 26, 2018. Living through the eyes of the outlaw Arthur Morgan, players experience new scenery, game mechanics, and the attention to detail.

The series hyped up sequel has turned out to be a prequel to its predecessor, Red Dead Redemption. The game has sold 17 million copies worldwide on the first day, which was more copies in eight days than Red Dead Redemption sold in eight years.

Matthew Kiernan, a junior said he loves the graphics. “So first of all the game looks beautiful, it’s a 92 GB game, so obviously there’s a lot of attention to detail. Hunting in the game is amazing because you use your dead eye to follow the trails of the animals and stuff, from anything from the dung to the footprints to blood, or whatever. Maybe they’re hunting fish and you find fish on the ground. Actually the first hunting mission I did I was mauled by a bear, and I had to get my rifle and shoot him, and after that, I had bear claws all over my back and I had to mend them,” said Kiernan.

Like many players comparing Red Dead Redemption 2 to its previous title, they notice a lot of attention to detail. This means that the game pays attention to even the smallest detail. “If you go into town let’s say you just got into a bar fight and you rolled around in the mud people are going look at you and say, ‘that’s disgusting, your all covered in the mud,’ so you have to go take a bath and go clean yourself,” said Kiernan.

Tanya Keeney, an SHS guidance counselor said that she likes the political commentary. “I still love the political commentary that happens in the game, so we’re dealing with woman suffrage, and we’re dealing with immigration that’s in the game, and there is a lot of conversation around the plight of the Mexican-Americans still. I kinda love those little shoutouts it was really fun for Arthur to take a wagon full of suffragettes to their protest place, just little things like that keep the game interesting for history adult nerds like myself,” said Keeney.

Keeney brings out a very good point about how the game’s attention to detail doesn’t just stretch from the gameplay mechanics but also makes sense in the timeline that it is set in. Red Dead Redemption 2 makes sure that the game is set in the right era and that whatever current event was taking place was fitting and implemented into the game design.

Jeffery Miller, a freshman, said it was definitely worth the money. “The slick cinematics make a hell of the first impression, embedding you in the gang and bringing you right up close to the characters who are doing their best to bellow over the howling wind. It was really outstanding to see the new game with great attention to detail when it took so long to produce,” said Miller.

Miller, like the rest of the players, are finding new guides and ways to play the game, and soon with a rumored multiplayer coming out, players are getting even more excited for the game. This game has so much potential and is already on the top of everyone’s wish-list.

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