SHS Welcomes Mr. Jeffery

By: Mikey Holzman (Correspondent)

A new face was introduced to the Sharon High School community on Monday, October 29th, and his name is Mr. Shaun Jeffery. Based upon past experience interacting and aiding youth to overcome challenges and be their best selves, Jeffery was chosen for the newly made position of “campus safety monitor”.

Jeffery was born and spent the first eleven years of his life in Brooklyn, New York. From there his family relocated to New Bedford, Massachusetts where he remained until he went on to college. Having worked with the Massachusetts Department of Youth Services and having also been a court officer for the child court, he is experienced in working with the youth of America.

Dr. Jose Libano says that Jeffery is the best candidate for the position, “When I interviewed Mr. Jeffery, it was clear to me that he would be thoughtful about his actions and respectful to those he encountered.”

He also says that Jeffery’s responses were thoughtful and eluded to the fact that he could only improve the environment of Sharon High School.

Senior, Sarah Mahoney, who was on the interview committee says that she was looking for someone who could establish, “a good relationship between students and administration. I think that Mr. Jeffery[he] will be a good mediator between the two.”

Jeffery says that he is not just here to monitor suspicious activity, “I want people to feel like I’m here for a little bit more than just checking in on the bathrooms because of vaping and stuff like that. I want everybody to feel safe, but also know that I can help out any way that I can.”

Part of his role here includes being an additional resource that both administration and students can turn to when they may need an extra hand.

“Mr. Jeffery will be more than someone who makes sure that students are where they’re supposed to be and doing what they’re supposed to be doing. He’ll also be someone who helps resolve issues by listening and offering advice,” added Libano.

The ultimate goal of having Jeffery in and around the building is to make everyone feel more at ease.

“Even though it’s a small school, it’s a large community. Everyone has been very pleasant. Hopefully, I’ll just do what I can, to make it better in any type of way,” Jeffery added optimistically.

Vice Principal, Elizabeth Gavin says, “I think he is going to love Sharon High School. If kids give him a chance, they’re really going to get to know him and like him and count on him. I think he’s going to love it here.”

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