The Sharon Talon’s Fantasy Football Week 9

By: Jesse Cook (Correspondent)

Week 8 showed us some good games and some bad ones, but Week 9 will be even better.

Let’s start at receivers:

Tyrell Williams of the Los Angeles Chargers had a good Week 7. He caught for 118 yards and one TD on only four receptions. That’s 29.5 yards per play. He’s also playing the Seattle Seahawks whose defense has allowed 200+ passing yards per game (219.0 per game) and 297 last week to the struggling Detroit Lions.

Don’t count out Tajae Sharpe of the Tennessee Titans on Monday night against the Dallas Cowboys. He caught for 101 yards on seven receptions against the Los Angeles Chargers in Week 7 and now he’s got the Cowboys’ defense who have allowed 217.4 passing yards per game. They’re also allowing at least one touchdown pass per game.

At quarterback start the Minnesota Vikings’ Kirk Cousins. He passed for 359 yards last week against the New Orleans Saints, and this week, he has the Detroit Lions. The Lions have allowed 223.1 passing yards per game and 2.1 TDs per game. They’re one of the worst defenses in the league and Cousins should have one of his best weeks.

For tight end, look to David Njoku of the Cleveland Browns. He’s playing the Kansas City Chiefs, whose defense forces Patrick Mahomes to put up a ton of points. Njoku also caught for 52 yards on four attempts, averaging 13.0 yards per play against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in his last Week (he didn’t play Week 8, but he’s probable for Week 9). He also caught one touchdown. That got him 11.4 fantasy points on ESPN and NFL and 13.2 on Yahoo.

Lamar Miller of the Houston Texans had a huge week last week, rushing for 133 yards. This week, he’s got the weak 3-5 Denver Broncos. They’re the sixth worst rushing defense in the league, having allowed 135.8 rushing yards per game. Miller got 19.3 fantasy points on ESPN, NFL, and Yahoo against the Miami Dolphins.

Chris Carson of the Seattle Seahawks is a fair pick for running back. He’s got the Chargers who have allowed 106.4 rushing yards per game. He also scored 18.4 points on ESPN and NFL and 19.4 on Yahoo.

At kicker, pickup Jason Sanders of the Miami Dolphins. He had a good game last week against the strong Houston Texans and now he has the atrocious 3-5 New York Jets who lost 24-10 to the Chicago Bears. All Sanders needs is for Brock Osweiler to toss him into field goal range and he’ll be cooking and ready to boot through a few points.

Lastly, for defense, your team is the Bears. Khalil Mack is leading the Chicago defense against the terrible Buffalo Bills who are averaging less than one touchdown per game. Tom Brady and the New England Patriots’ defense were having a major offday and they still crushed them 25-6. Daaa Bears should have a good week and I wouldn’t be surprised if Mitchell Trubisky had a good week, as well.

Have a good Week 9 and remember to pickup the best

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