Fantasy Football Week 7

By: Jesse Cook

Week 6 featured the first loss of Patrick Mahomes’ career and a crazy kicking game by Mason Crosby for the win in Green Bay. Let’s take a look at Week 7:

Brock Osweiler of the Miami Dolphins is a straight up terrible quarterback, but when he’s on… HE IS ON. He is an interception machine, but he sure knows how to sling the football for lots of yards. Last week, in the Dolphins’ overtime win, he threw for 380 yards and 3 TDs over a strong Chicago Bears’ defense. He’s also got the Detroit Lions who have one of the worst passing defenses in the entire league.

Latavius Murray of the Minnesota Vikings is a bit of a wild card as well at running back, but last week he was second in the league in rushing yards with 155 as well as one TD. This week he has the New York Jets who have allowed 652 rushing yards in just six weeks. That’s 108.7 yards per game.

Melvin Gordon of the Los Angeles Chargers also had a huge week with the rushing game acquiring 132 rushing yards as well as a crazy three touchdowns. This contributed to a monstrous 38-14 beating over the Cleveland Browns. He also has the Tennessee Titans who are the seventh worst rushing defense in football.

If you’re gonna go with the Brockstar in Week 7, you might as well start his top receiver as well. Albert Wilson caught for 155 yards and 2 TDs in their victory over Daaa Bears. Again, Detroit averages allowing 222 passing yards and 2 TDs allowed per game.

Hard to go wrong with Tyreek Hill from the Kansas City Chiefs. Despite losing 43-40 to Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, Patrick Mahomes tossed a good game, thanks mainly to Hill. He caught for 142 yards and scored three of KC’s four TDs. This week, he’s playing the Cincinnati Bengals who are coming off a tough loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers and probably have little to no chance of getting to a speedy and accurate Mahomes.

Drew Brees to tight end Benjamin Watson is dirty combination for the New Orleans Saints and the Baltimore Ravens are nowhere near being well-equipped for it. Pick Watson at tight end because Brees’ arm is simply overpowering. Watson is also not easy to tackle. He’s seventh in the entire league in yards after catch at 59 total, 2.7 per play.

At defense, pick the Indianapolis Colts. I’m gonna let that sink it. THE COLTS?! Yes, the Colts. They may be the ESPN worst-ranked defense in the National Football League, but they’re also playing the Buffalo Bills who may have to put Nathan Peterman in the game after Derek Anderson has a bad start. If Anderson is somehow alright, then I still think the Colts will pull away with a low scoring win and get you a bunch of points. If Anderson stinks, there’s no possible way Peterman won’t throw at least two interceptions.

At kicker, Robbie Gould of the San Francisco 49ers had a good night going three for three in their 33-30 loss to the Green Bay Packers. To be fair, they’re playing the Los Angeles Rams, who are frankly a beast. However, the Niners just picked up Tom Savage to play QB and he’s probably good enough to get them into field goal range a couple of times.

Week 7 is gonna be a wild week, so why not go with these wild cards—Good luck!

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