A Taste of Monty Python in SHS

By Kelli Small Feature Correspondent The search for the Holy Grail is on! This year’s Sharon High School Theatre Company fall musical, Spamalot, features new heights of hilarity as King Arthur and his bumbling band of knights stumble through their sacred quest for the Holy Grail.

The cast of the show has been hard at work preparing for the production, beginning rehearsals with musical “sing throughs” of the Spamalot score, where cast members quickly picked up lyrics and learned to harmonize with one another. After locking in the most popular songs, the cast moved onstage, to block out Act I. During this process, the cast studied quintessential Monty Python humor and worked together to tackle each character’s precise movements, lines, and reactions. As the scenes come together, the cast moved on to the challenging Spamalot choreography, taught by director and head choreographer Kayla Armstrong. Sophomore Giovanna Wiseman says, “It’s been such a fun experience. I have to stop myself from laughing at most parts.” The cast is not, however, the only part of the theatre team.

Up in the tech booth, the technical teams are also busy gathering lighting cues and sound effects, a crucial step to the production process. Junior tech member Joy Best describes the process, “A lot of the real work in tech really starts after the cast is done blocking because we focus the lights according to the movement on stage. Until we can do that, sound looks for music and sound effects.”

The costumes department for Spamalot took measurements of all those who auditioned for Spamalot, before the show was even cast. Since then, the designers have been working on perfecting costumes for all fifty seven members of the cast. After the designs are drawn, they apply the costumes to the character and use the measurements of the actor who plays that character. Senior Costume-Head Amy Wald ensures the costumes can be used onstage with the difficult choreography. “Costumes has been working since the summer to create cohesive outfits that are not only functional as clothing but work in a theatre setting,” she said. As the costumes come together with perfect lighting and sound, the actors feel the final pieces of the show fall into place.

The show is coming together quickly, so get your tickets now! Spamalot will play from November 19-22 at 7:00 pm on November 19, 20, 21 and 2:00 pm on November 22 at the Sharon High School Auditorium.



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