Fantasy Football Week 5

By: Jesse Cook (Correspondent)

Week 4 was an interesting week in football to say the least. Much better than Week 3, we actually witnessed some scoring!

First of all, back from a bye week, you have to start the Carolina Panthers’ running back Christian McCaffrey. He rushed for 184 yards versus the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 3 and this week, he’s facing the New York Giants who have allowed the fourth most rushing yards at 504 (126 yards per game). Last week the Giants allowed 134 to Alvin Kamara alone.

Marshawn Lynch is a good idea for running back, as well. Last week, he acquired 15.7 points on ESPN and NFL, also 17.2 points on Yahoo. He rushed for 134 yards versus a rapidly improving Cleveland Browns defense. This week, the Raiders have the Los Angeles Chargers who have allowed a total 437 rushing yards, 109.25 yards per game. They’re not exactly the premier rushing defense in all of football.

Speaking of the premier defense, the Bengals have a faltering Miami Dolphins, so I would go with Cincinnati for your defense. Last week, they allowed a lot of passing yards to the Atlanta Falcons (419 yards and 3 touchdowns), but the Dolphins couldn’t perform against the shaky New England Patriots’ defense last week in their 38-7 loss to NE. The Dolphins totaled 191 yards, 135 of them passing, the other 56 rushing. The Dolphins will perform poorly and Cincinnati will get you a lot of points.

Jared Goff of the Los Angeles Rams has been freaking incredible. He trails Ben Roethlisberger’s league leading 1,414 passing yards by eight and he’s thrown the second most TDs in the entire league at 11. This week, he has the Seattle Seahawks who have allowed 877 passing yards over the past four weeks. That doesn’t sound like a lot, but they’re allowing this to Case Keenum, Mitchell Trubisky, Dak Prescott, and Josh Rosen.

With the exception of Keenum, this isn’t exactly a Pro Bowl roster. Goff is one of the league’s premier passers and anyone who read Week 4’s preview knows that he’s got some good receivers downfield like Brandin Cooks and Cooper Kupp.

Speaking of, pick Kupp for Week 5. Goff is going to have another record week, so his receivers should, too. Kupp averaged 18 yards per reception, totaled 162 yards, and scored two TDs in the Rams’ huge 38-31 victory over the Minnesota Vikings.

Also, don’t sleep on Stefon Diggs at wide receiver either. His Vikes are playing the Philadelphia Eagles who have allowed, one the league’s worst, 1,086 passing yards, 271.5 passing yards per game, and seven touchdowns.

Though Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers hasn’t been at his best this season, his receiver, tight end Jimmy Graham is a good pick for Week 5. He’s playing the slow Detroit Lions’ defense and last week he scored 8.1 points on ESPN and NFL and 9.6 on Yahoo.

Wil Lutz of the New Orleans Saints is a good pick, as well at kicker because the Saints move down the field really well and score lots of points. The Saints will play the Washington Redskins who, until their last week (Week 3) in their 31-17 victory over the Packers, never allowed more than one TD per game.

This doesn’t foreshadow an exactly great outlook for New Orleans, but they’ve scored 145 points over just four games (36.25 points per game) which means that Lutz has gotten lots of opportunities for field goals and extra points. He recorded 16 points on ESPN, NFL, and Yahoo.

Week 4 was an exciting one, but Week 5 might top it. Good luck!

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