Lights Usher in New Era in Sharon Sports

By: Jack Zinman (Correspondent)

Tonight marks a new era for sports at SHS. The first ever night game in Sharon will be played as the Boys varsity soccer team will host the Canton Bulldogs at 6:30 PM.

Four brand new lights have been added around the field. Two lights have been added to the bleacher side of the stadium and two other lights have been added to the opposite side of the field.

These lights will allow the school to host night games for sports such as, football, soccer, lacrosse and ultimate frisbee games.

Dr. Libano and Dr. Schlierf are looking forward to seeing the Eagles under the lights.

Having the lights will “jack up the attendance” says SHS Principal Dr. Jose Libano. “There will be a lot more people at Friday night football games, soccer games, lacrosse, ultimate, etc. I expect more people to attend the events at night rather in the afternoon” said Athletic Director Dr. Nick Schlierf.

Head Football coach Mr.David Morse is excited as well. “Yes, I am looking forward to coaching under the lights because it is a great thing for our athletes and our school. Attendance will absolutely increase, but team performances will impact attendance more,” said morse

The student body has been anticipating the lights being installed.“ It’s a huge addition, we should’ve put them up 30 years ago,”junior Eric Jansky said.

“I think it is a great addition to Sharon High School, I am really looking forward to the Friday night light games,” said sophomore Aaron Livshin.

The players are ecstatic over the new lights as well, “The atmosphere will be electric at football and soccer games, I’m really looking forward to play in that kind of environment. It’s almost gonna feel like Gillette Stadium”  said varsity soccer player Bozhao Li.

“It will really give off a different vibe than Saturday day games, the crowd will hopefully be bigger and louder at night. I’m just excited to play under the lights,” senior varsity football player Aaron Strong said.

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