New Campus Safety Monitor

By: Sarah Hirschorn (Online Co-Editor in Chief)

New staff positions are being created for the 2018-2019 school year. Such as the new Campus Safety Monitor. The Campus Safety Monitor, a position that is soon to be filled, will take on an important role in the hallways, cafeteria, and administration.

Sharon High’s implementation of this new person will follow the criteria of the job posting that was emailed throughout the district on September 10, 2018. After the departure of former vice-principal Mr. Bacigalupi, administration is eager to fill this new position with someone qualified to maintain order and continue to create a safe learning environment.

According to the official notice of 2018-2019 anticipated vacancies, the Campus Safety Monitor is expected to, “Inspect lavatories, hallways, stairwells, and other locations in the building and on school grounds on a regular basis, assist with traffic during student arrival and departure and help the receptionist record student tardiness and accountability.”

In terms of safety protocols in the morning, this person should also, “Monitor exterior doors to be sure they are always closed and locked, check student parking lots to ensure parking permit compliance and maintain the orderly flow of students in school building and on school grounds.”

The campus safety monitor should be aiding administration to, “Ensure that visitors have signed in and have a visible visitor lanyard or pass, accompany visitors to various locations in the building when needed”.

This new staff member will, “Supervise lunch blocks to ensure students behave appropriately and dispose of trash”, and effectively, “provide guidance, direction, and assurance in emergency situations”.

Dr. Libano attests to the fact that the necessity of SHS’ new Campus Safety monitor is no different to the one hired years ago, or the ones in other schools.

“Lots of high schools have such monitors.  They assist with a variety of things. Many years ago SHS had them,” Libano said.

Libano added, “SHS has one less assistant principal than it’s had in the past, so the help is very useful in a large school like SHS.”

“The campus safety monitor will be a friendly individual who treats students with respect while helping ensure that they are safe and doing what they are supposed to be doing,” added Libano, who has certain expectations for this new staff member as they interact with the students of Sharon High.

Ms. Gavin says the Campus Safety monitor wil be “another great support for students”, as she said that, “kids are kids and school can be tight place for a lot of kids”.

Gavin appreciates law and order, but ultimately wants kids to feel safe in school, so it is important to have, “another set of eyes to get to know the kids. Sometimes if a kid is in trouble, it’s nice to have someone else to keep an eye out an step in before something becomes a problem. I think it’s always great to have another adult presence to get to know kids and to be a great resource for them”.

“[Students can expect] a greeting, reminding students of rules, helping them to get to class on time, helping them to make good decisions… this person will be in the cafe  making sure things are safe and orderly and the lines go quicker,” Gavin adds.

Gavin also mentioned that administration plans on hiring a Campus Safety Monitor soon, as she interviewed candidates last week.

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