Movie Review: Infinity War

By: Tarini Venkat (Copy Editor)

Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War, directed by Anthony and Joe Russo, released on April 27th, soon became known as ‘the most ambitious crossover of all time.’ It had a budget of 300–400 million dollars to create it, but it quickly made up that money by earning more than 1.6  billion dollars at the box office.

It’s also the second time in six years that The Avengers has not just broken the opening weekend record but also broken an arbitrary milestone. The first Avengers movie was the first to generate more than 200 million on its opening weekend, and now Infinity War is the first movie to generate more than 250 million on its opening weekend.

Senior Dimitri Kalogeras said “It was good but it made me very sad.”

Senior Clara Reyes said “Good movie but they dragged it out too long, and I think the ending is a rip off to get you to see the next one, which is strategic, but not really fair. It was still a good movie, though.”

Senior Shagun Jain said “I heard it’s good, but the ending weirded out a lot of people.”

Sophomore Anastasia Bolt said it was interesting. “The very beginning was boring, but fifteen minutes in it starting picking up the pace.”

Senior Alex Light said he would love to see it. “I usually enjoy marvel movies, and Infinity War is a huge culmination of so much of their work,” he said.

Senior Melodie Arya said the continuity of the series was refreshing. “I enjoyed the organization of the whole plot, even though the multitude of characters caused some characters I liked to have very few pivotal lines in the movie.” she said.

“I also thought the ending was shocking, but something you don’t often see in movies anymore.” she added.

Junior May Ziv-Kreger also enjoyed the movie. “It had nice cinematography and the effects were off the charts,” he said.

“As for Thanos, I understand the issue he’s trying to overcome and I hear his argument…He’s taking the responsibility to deal with the issue no one wants to tackle. That said, I don’t see his methods…as noble as he seems to,” she said.

Freshman Gabi Struss said she really liked the movie. “I like how this movie really shows how it is how the hardest thing about loving someone is that they don’t know and you think sacrificing them is for the greater good!” Film Critic for the New York Times, A. O. Scott, summed it up when he said “Avengers: Infinity War is puzzlement and irritation and also, yes, a delight. The action is especially tedious, but the final act brings a chill that represents something new in this universe.”

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