2018 Sharon Softball Preview

By Sofi Shlepakov (Correspondent)

Spring sports are underway, and the softball team is excited for their 2018 season with the leadership of their three captains: Jamie Kessler, Rebecca Clayman, and Jenika Patel.

With a rough start to the season, after losing their coach and getting their first away game cancelled, you can catch the eagles at Attleboro on April 9th.

Senior captain Jamie Kessler says that the this will be a competitive season, but there are a lot of strong players returning to the varsity team this year. “There are a lot of tough teams we will face this season as the hock is very competitive including North Attleboro, Taunton, and Franklin,” said Kessler.  

Kessler adds that the new coach has been filling her new position very well. “The new coach has been a positive experience. She has brought a lot of energy to the program and has shared her knowledge of the sport with us, helping to improve our hitting and fielding,” said Kessler.

Junior Allison Small says that many good freshman were added to the team but that the softball team plays “in a really competitive league”. “The softball team gained a few good players [freshman] in replacement of the seniors that graduated,” said Small.

Junior Courtney Sollis says that she is very excited that the season has officially started. “I love the new coach. She’s very respectful; she’s very helpful; she is very critical, but in a nice way,” said Sollis

Sollis adds that since the team’s old coaches are now coaching Stoughton, she thinks Stoughton will be their most competitive game.  “Most definitely Stoughton. Our old coaches are now at Stoughton high so it’s going to be interesting,” added Sollis.

Senior captain Jenika Patel says that the current team has a lot of new players. “Although many of the same members who played last year are playing this year, the current team has a lot of new players in general. I think for the most part the dynamic between JV and Varsity is strong; both teams are really close, and this creates a stronger connection on and off the field,” said Patel.

Patel says that Taunton or Franklin will be their biggest competitors this season. ““Probably Taunton or Franklin. They are always really competitive, and their teams are very skilled and have smart tactics,” said Patel.

Patel adds that the new varsity coach has coached the JV team in previous years so a lot of the players are already comfortable with her coaching style. “The new varsity head coach is actually the previous years’ JV coach, so a lot of us are already comfortable with her coaching style. She is young, and we can relate to her pretty easily. She also played softball throughout college, so it’s clear she knows softball inside and out,” said Patel.

“We haven’t played any games yet, but we are excited to bring what she’s taught us to the field!” added Patel.


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