2018 Red Sox Preview

By Alex Lefkowitz (Online Editor In Chief)

Already one week into the MLB season, the defending AL East champion Boston Red Sox have taken an early lead in the division.

This season promises to be a battle between the Red Sox and Yankees, as the “Bronx Bombers” reloaded with the best home run hitter in the league, Giancarlo Stanton.

“I think that Giancarlo repeating what he did last year won’t be the most important part to the Yankees season, but rather their starting pitchers,” said Senior Benji Schwartz. “Tanaka and Severino are much more important to that team’s success than any one hitter.”

With the highest payroll in baseball, Boston looks to prove that paying big time players yields championships.

“So far, it looks like paying for big time players has paid dividends in the regular season, but not the playoffs,” said Ty Goldstein. “I think they have found success with prospects like Rafael Devers and Andrew Benintendi over recent years and tapping into those resources will be key.”

The Red Sox pitching staff is led by two Cy Young winners (David Price and Rick Porcello) and Chris Sale who is coming off a 300 strikeout season.

“Good pitching always beats good hitting, so if the Red Sox staff can dominate like they all have in the past, Judge and Stanton won’t stand a chance,” said Sabrina Robbins.

“This pitching staff has the potential to dominate the American League, but they need to limit Sale’s innings because last season he just lost all his steam in the playoffs,” said junior Alex Diaz.

“For all the money the Red Sox have sunk into pitching, they absolutely need to perform at a Cy Young level,” Diaz added.

Other contenders in the American League include the reigning World Series champions Houston Astros and AL Central champs Cleveland Indians. However, some feel that the dark horse team in the AL is the LA Angels.

“With the addition of Shohei Ohtani to go along with MVP candidate Mike Trout, this team has probably the highest potential in all the majors,” said Ben Schwartz. “If Ohtani can just be an average pitcher and an above average hitter, the Angels will make a return to the playoffs.”

This season promises to be an eventful one for the Boston Red Sox with the goal of winning a World Series, but consistent hitting and dominant pitching will be key if the ‘Sox’ want to get back to the top of the MLB mountain.

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