Students Instrumental in Saving Mr. Pomer

By Jeffrey Xiang (Correspondent)

Superintendent Dr. Victoria Greer and the school committee have decided to keep Mr. Robert Pomer after weeks of debate and much vocal support from students and others across the community.

For the past few months, the superintendent and school board have debated how to balance the budget. In the end, they decided to keep Mr. Pomer and eliminate other positions instead.

Mr. Pomer will retain his responsibilities, which include scheduling, running standardized testing, coordinating programming, and assisting faculty and students in both the middle school and the high school, and possibly take on more responsibilities as changes are made.

Many across the school, both students and faculty, think that this end result is good and have reacted positively to the news.

SHS freshman Jason Xiong says that the end result “is really good for the school.”

“We are pleased that we are going to be able to continue to have that oversight by Mr. Pomer,” said SHS guidance counselor Ms. Tanya Keeney.

Keeney, is “really, really thankful” for the support the community has given and the openness of the school board and superintendent.

“We are, first of all, so thankful of the opportunity to be able to express ourselves at the school committee meeting and in the open forums,” said Keeney.

“We appreciate the school committee for entertaining such a huge amount of people that came to speak in support of keeping the guidance director,” added Keeney.

SHS senior Grant Fawcett, one of the leaders of the t-shirt campaign, says that he is thankful for the school board’s respect towards the actions of the students.

“Although we contradicted their original plan, they still really appreciated and respected how the students in their school system were speaking up for their beliefs,” added Fawcett.

SHS freshman Bradley Weiss says that the students behind the t-shirt campaign “want to thank the students, teachers, parents,” and everybody else who has supported their cause.

The student body has been deeply involved in this issue, with students selling tee-shirts, attending school board meetings, and speaking their opinions throughout the process.

Ms. Keeney agrees that the students have had a major impact and believes that “it’s the students’ voice…that has some of the biggest effect.”

“Those tee-shirts mattered, and that groundswell of support really made a difference in this case,”said Keeney

People across the school agree that this is a good start for student activism.

“This was a good first step to show how students could impact decisions made by the school board,” said Xiong.

“I’m just hoping students have learned that using their voice can make a difference,” added Keeney.

“We certainly set the tone for student activism. Yes, shirts are kind of a small thing in the overall process of standing up for what you believe in. But I think that it is definitely a good start and we set a good example for people in the future,” said Fawcett.

SHS senior Ben Gunduz says students should speak out when they think something is not right.

“We encourage students to stand up for what they believe in, and to take any bad news with a grain of salt and to make sure to stand up for and do what they think is right at the end of the day,” said Gunduz.

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