Dua Lipa’s Rising Popularity

By Savaughn Vasconcelos (Correspondent)

A new face has joined pop music with a new sound that no one has heard just casually on the radio.

After taking over the UK’s pop charts, music artist Dua Lipa, has made it her goal to be at the top of the US charts.

The singer, songwriter, and model began singing at just 14 years old and posted YouTube videos, and then in 2015 she signed with the Warner Music Group.

She has been an opening act for some brand name artists of this era such as Coldplay, Troye Sivan, and Bruno Mars.

Lipa has also done four headlining tours around the US and the UK. Her nominations for twenty awards have left her with nine awards, including two MTV Europe Music Awards, and a UK Music Award.

Dua Lipa is notorious for her sense in fashion and her wardrobe for shows. Whether she’s the opening act or the headline artist, she keeps her audiences interested in her and her music.

Lipa tries to connect with her audience the most she can, and her music shows that with song like IDAF, New Rules, and Be the One.

For her new self-titled album, she has blown listeners away with a new sound for every track on the album. From Genesis to Last Dance, she makes sure to hit every emotion she can.

Starting at the beginning, she starts off chill and relaxed with Genesis that is a cutesy love song with a sassy twist. Lost In Your Light features Adorn singer, Miguel that shares that same vibe.

Lipa changes things up with a more passionate song called Hotter Than Hell that changes her style from cutesy to wild. Her voice deepens in this song greater than in any other.

One of the singles that was dropped a little bit before the album is called Be The One, which shows off Lipa’s vocal range in a mixture of high and low notes. The song keeps on the track of lovey dovey.

Completely unexpected, Lipa drops a song called IDAF that changes everything around. The song about a remorseful ex, makes this song a fan favorite.

The album’s hit single, New Rules, is the next girl power anthem. With a killer beat and lyrics that give everyone some advice, listeners can really get into the song.

Kyle Ginsberg, a junior at SHS, absolutely loves Dua Lipa. “Her style is so interesting and fun. I have seen her live–opening for a concert in November of 2016–and it was an amazingly fun experience, that I would do over in an instant.”

Allison Bernier, a junior at Natick High School, loves that Lipa is original and has a style that she personally hasn’t seen before. “I saw her live when she opened for Troye Sivan last year, and she was just so confident and could really get a crowd going. Her style is incredible. She isn’t afraid of what people think and that shows in her outfits.”

Dominique Gnagne, another junior at Sharon High, finds Lipa to be very talented, an inspirational artist, and a fashion icon. “For me, her music can always describe a mood that you’re feeling and I feel like her style definitely represents that. First of all, I love her voice. Her range is absolutely incredible.”

She also finds her stage presence to be bold and lively. “I saw her open for Troye Sivan and I fell in love then and there. Her stage presence is just as bold and lively as her fashion sense. She’s never afraid of trying something new, and is an inspiring young women in today’s world.”

Ollie Hansen, from Framingham, says that Lipa has a powerful style. “She’s a strong women and she’s not sorry about that. I saw her live opening for Troye Sivan, right before she came into the mainstream and I thought she was so cool. Her style was colorful and wild and she was wearing these boots that I just wish I could pull off. I have so much respect for her.”

The women empowering ‘do it all girl’ is continuing to take over the world with her music, as she tours the world.

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