Top 10 Sports Plays of 2017

By Brandon Buckman and Jeremy Ruskin (Sports Correspondents)

1. Edelman’s Super Bowl catch

This was a critical play late in the fourth quarter that helped complete the comeback in Super Bowl 51. It kept the momentum going in the drive to bring the game to OT.

2. Julio Jones Super Bowl catch

At the time many people thought that this play won Atlanta the super bowl, and it should have. It was an unbelievable toe tap catch on the sideline.

3. KD’s three pointer in the NBA Finals over LeBron

The Warriors were trailing by a point with less than a minute left in game 3 of the NBA finals. This shot won them the game and gave them a demanding lead in that series. Also KD shot it over the “king”.

4. Josh Rosen fake spike touchdown pass

It was an amazing comeback by UCLA to win against Texas A&M. It was a risky play but capped off a 35 point comeback.

5. Willie Cauley-Stein alley-oop against the Celtics

This play was jaw dropping for everyone that saw it was a monstrous dunk. It was arguably one of the best dunks of 2017.

6. Patrick kane goes through Canadiens defense and gets the goal

Patrick Kane works his magic as he weaves through the defense to score a goal and to lift his team to victory over the Montreal Canadiens.

7. Green to Curry to Durant alley-oop

This play was like poetry in motion to watch. It was an unbelievable display of passing and a ferocious dunk by Durant.

8. Westbrook’s left handed dunk against the Rockets

This play solidified the win over the Rockets in dramatic fashion. Westbrook slammed a left handed dunk over Clint Capela.

9. Jackie Bradley Jr. robs Aaron Judge’s home run

In a crucial divisional win, JBJ robed one of the best hitters in baseball. This catch is arguably the best one this baseball season.

10. Sergio Ramos bicycle kick goal against Apoel

Sergio Ramos helped to cement the victory over Apoel with the magnificent bicycle kick. The header pass made this goal even a better one.


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