Top Movies of 2017

By Jake Noddell and Pano Mousis (Correspondents)

  1. Get Out

This mystery-thriller combination sets the way for a magnificent, yet confusing movie. A black man named Chris travels with his white girlfriend to her family’s home. This film is one of the more significant ones of the year because of its commentary on race relations in general. Jordan Peele shows his range from directing comedy films to now a deep, thought provoking, thriller.


2. The Big Sick

An funny, quirky rom com talking about interracial issues, family values, and critiquing  society in general, The Big Sick is a must see movie, and one of the best films of the year. This low-budget independent film was not supposed to get the acclaim it did, and it has surpas


3. It

“It” was one of the most highly anticipated films in the past year. It received an impressive score of 85% on Rotten Tomatoes. An evil that comes out once every 27 years haunts this small town in Maine, specifically the children. They have to work together to fight the evil.


4. Logan

Marvel dared to do something they never done. They made a dark character study of Wolverine’s character, and how his life is only filled with damage, loss, and depression.

This different take was raved by critics, claiming Logan is one of the best films of the year.


5. Baby Driver

This crime film involves a kid who loves to drive and affiliates himself with a group of robbers in order to make money. Although this is a thriller, it has no shortage of romance and love.


6. Girls Trip

One of the best comedies of the year. It’s funny, smart, raunchy, and heart warming, commenting on love and true friendship. It’s a guaranteed good time and people will surely laugh hard at this hilarious film.


7. Wind River

This summer thriller stars Elizabeth Olsen and Jeremy Renner in a dramatic plot where the body of an 18 year old girl is found. After determining that she was raped, an FBI official comes in to assist in the investigation. The two soon find themselves in danger, however, in the snowy woods of Wyoming.


8. Annabelle: Creation

This second Annabelle movie takes place before the first Annabelle movie was released. It goes through the creation of Annabelle and how it all started. The movie is nearly two hours and has intense action practically for the entire duration of the movie. It’s followed through the eyes of an orphaned girl.


9. Beauty and The Beast

At first glance, Beauty and The Beast might seem as just a live take on the famous tale; however, this movie added some spice to what was a sure classic. Emma Watson is wonderful, the beast is lively, and it’s a great family experience for the parents and kids as well.


10. Wonder Woman

The new upstart DC franchise has not lived up to expectations, producing below average productions, but this one was unbelievable. It had over 90% rotten tomatoes rating and the if people saw this in IMAX, it was an unbelievable experience. The super hero film has a lot of heart, and really tapped into the viewer’s emotions.


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