Music Festivals Ruling Fairgrounds Worldwide

By Hannah Wolfe Feature Correspondent. In the middle of Nowhere, Oklahoma, the largest stage the Midwest has ever seen is being built for three days of rock and metal. Rock On The Range is just one of America’s many modern-day music festivals.

From mainstream money grabs like Coachella and Stage Coach, to Woodstock lookalikes such as Good Vibes and The Life is Good Festival, music festivals are more prevalent in the states than they ever have been. The popularity of the modern-day musical gathering continues to increase as the years go on.

Guidance Counselor Ms. Keeney says a festivalgoer gets a lot of music for a cheap price. “I think festivals are popular for a few reasons. For one, it’s a lot of ‘bang for the buck’ – many artists for a flat fee,” she said.

Social Studies teacher Mr. Banno says that music festivals are a way to share love and passion for music with others.

“[It helps to] share with others your love of the music as well as validate your own love of the music because of the quasi-community that forms,” he said.

“It also creates and environment where you are able to act freely as your true self with the music and the community of others,” added Banno.

Part of what makes people want to attend these festivals is that sense of community and of being a part of a collective group of people who are likeminded.

There are hundreds of music festivals all over the world that celebrate all different kinds of music. Banno adds that he would love to go back to Lisbon, Portugal to hear authentic Portuguese soul music called Fado. Senior Dylan Capposela says he wants to go Boston Calling because he enjoys the music often celebrated there.

With so many festivals and so many artists, it is not hard to find a festival featuring an artist one favors. However, what if the fans were in charge of booking the acts? Who would headline three days of music if the fans took it into their own hands?

Keeney said she would book “the surviving members of Led Zeppelin, Nightmares on Wax and the all the remaining members of the Grateful Dead family.”

Banno, on the other hand, said, “The three bands/artists I would pick to headline would be: Jill Scott; John Mayer; Lake Street Dive or Crosby, Stills & Nash.”

Senior Alison Hamilton says she would book The All-American Rejects, Green Day, and Halsey to headline a three-day festival of her choice.

Hamilton also says her favorite festival experiences happened at Warped Tour. “In the past they’ve had many bands that I love perform and it seems to have such a laid back vibe,” she said.

The overall consensus is that music festivals showcase acts from all over the musical landscape and bring people together from all walks of life to celebrate a love and passion for music.

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