Patriots Deal Jimmy G in Shocking Trade

By Alex Lefkowitz (Editor In Chief)

In a shocking move before the trade deadline, the New England Patriots dealt backup quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo to the San Francisco 49ers for a second round pick.

The main takeaway from this trade is that the Pats feel comfortable enough that Tom Brady has at least three more Super Bowl caliber years left in the tank. Since Garoppolo is probably in for a big contract, it simply would not make sense for New England to keep him on the roster.

Senior Daniel Polykoff believes that the move should have no effect on the Pats Super Bowl chances, but thinks they could be in trouble if Brady gets injured. “It’s always good to have a backup quarterback just in case the starter goes down.”

Senior Nate Pomerantz feels that Coach Belichick made the right move dealing the potential future of the franchise. “Although I hate to see him go he could’ve been the future of the organization but for getting a second round pick that’s so high, it’s basically a first round pick.”

“And we got the veteran quarterback back Brian Hoyer who already knows the system,” Pomerantz added.

Junior Samuel Spencer trusts that Brian Hoyer can be a solid backup to Brady. “I got full faith in Brian Hoyer. He already has a strong relationship with the team and knows the offense. Trusted veteran, I love him.”

Senior Brady Buckman disagrees with the move. “I think it was a risky move trading away the future of the franchise for what they got. I think they could have easily got a mid to high first round pick from a team like Cleveland who is constantly looking for a quarterback.”

TV/Media teacher Mr. Antonell agrees with Buckman in that the Patriots could have got more, but still likes the deal.“They did what they had to do. It looked like we could’ve gotten a little more for him during the offseason but that’s hindsight.”

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