Sharon Football Loses to Foxboro, Dominates Norwood

By Jeremy Ruskin and Brandon Beckman (Football Correspondents)

Sharon went into Foxborough on an electric Friday night seeking to get there first win since week one. They hoped they could spoil their rivals chances of entering the playoffs.

The game started with the Eagles kicking off to the Warriors. Despite a solid drive by Foxborough, Sharon was able to hold them and get the ball back on the twenty-five yard line.

The drive stalled, giving Foxborough the ball, and the Warriors were able to capitalize on offense giving them a 7-0 lead.

An offensive turnover for the Eagles gave the ball back to Foxborough with good field position. The Eagles found themselves down 14-0 early.

Later in the half Sharon had a good defensive stand led by captains Naisuler, Dodes, and Loftus forcing Foxborough to go three and out, but a muffed punt gave them the ball back in the Red Zone.

Another impressive defensive stand forced the Warriors to kick a thirty-one yard field goal to make it a 17-0 game at half.

“We felt ok. We felt that we could work our way back into the game. We were getting the ball first and felt that our offense would make something happen” junior running back Aaron Strong said.

The Eagles got the ball first to start the second half. Jake Romanow got a couple of large runs putting Sharon in Warrior territory.

Sharon then had a second offensive turnover causing Foxborough to get the ball deep in their own territory.

The Warriors orchestrated a long precise drive finishing in the endzone for another touchdown.  

After the Eagles got the ball back they were forced to punt back to the Warriors, but a muffed punt by Foxborough and a recovery by Brandon Buckman gave them the ball with good field position. They hoped this was the spark they needed to get back in the game.

After a solid run by Romanow Sharon was in terrific position to score. But another Eagle turnover costed them the opportunity to score.

On defense Sharon finally forced the Warriors to turn the ball over thanks to Brett Litner picking off their quarterback. The Eagles offense could not muster any sort of offensive drive.

The fourth quarter did not fair any better ultimately causing a 32-0 blowout victory for the Warriors.

Sharon then set their sights on an 0-7 Norwood Mustangs team that looked to spoil the Eagles hopes of a victory.

Heading into this matchup senior linebacker Brett Litner said, “We are ready. We need a win and this is the week we will get it.”

Junior linebacker Sam Spencer thinks the hard work that we have put in will finally pay off and that this game is very winnable for us to get the job done.

With the anticipation high for the Eagles to get their second win of the season they squared off at home against the Norwood Mustangs.

Sharon kicked off to Norwood to start the game, but a surprise onside kick recovered by Eagles kicker Mitchell Director gave the Eagles the ball first. “It was awesome. It gave us a lot of momentum going into the start of the game. The fact we had been practicing that play all week and it worked was really special.”

The Eagles started driving on the Mustangs but the drive stalled and they were forced to punt. Norwood returned that punt back 70 yards for a touchdown giving the Mustangs an early 7-0 lead.

Sharon then got the ball back in great field position on the Norwood 48 yard line. They slowly drove the field with an even run pass attack eventually ending in a 19 yard touchdown pass from Jeremy Ruskin to Chris Gong.

The ensuing Mustang drive also ended in a touchdown giving the Mustangs the lead 14-7 near the end of the first quarter.

On the following kickoff, Junior wide receiver Chris Gong ran back the kick for a 100 yard kick return touchdown. That tied the game 14-14 early in the second quarter.

That started to open the flood gates for the Eagles. Two rushing touchdowns by senior captain Drew Naisuler gave Sharon the 28-14 lead heading into the half.

Sharon got the ball to start the second half. They continued to move the ball well but the drive ended up stalling and the Eagles had to punt the ball back to the Mustangs.

The Eagles played fantastic defense in the third quarter picking off the Norwood quarterback twice. The Mustang defense held strong though causing a scoreless third quarter.

The fourth quarter brought added joy for the Eagles as they started the fourth with a 99 touchdown drive including a fake punt from Alec Filipkowski as well as receptions from Brandon Buckman, Chris Gong, Austin Dodes, and Drew Naisuler ending in a 15 yard touchdown run by senior captain Jake Romanow.

The Mustangs scored a touchdown late in the fourth causing the final score to be 34-22 giving the Eagles their second win of the season.

“It was a huge win. This will give us some great momentum for the final stretch of our season,” junior captain Coleman Loftus said.

Center Joey Cyr says that this game allowed the team to feel that we can salvage this season. That we can make this season a good one despite how our hockomock games went.

“We feel great. It is a huge weight lifted off of our shoulders. This adds some more energy to our team and with only three games left this will provide the spark we need to go win some more games,” quarterback Jeremy Ruskin said.

Lineman Alex Aspel says that he is looking forward to the next three weeks and that there is definitely a spark and a sense of intensity around practice to continue to win games.

The Eagles will look to win their second straight game against the 1-7 Westwood Wolverines on friday at Westwood High School.

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