Hulu vs. Netflix vs. Amazon Prime

By Amanda Clark (Managing Editor).

 Streaming services have become extremely popular within the last couple of years, especially among high school students. However, with three prominent outlets: Hulu Plus, Netflix, and Amazon Prime, it can be difficult to decide to which one to subscribe.

Each service has its advantages and disadvantages, and many students in the school use one service or some combination of the three.

Sophomore Sabrina Robbins says she prefers Netflix because it allows her to watch many seasons of a show at one time.

“My favorite thing about Netflix is that it has all the seasons of a show that don’t air on TV anymore. My favorite show is Friday Night Lights, which I would have never been able to watch had it not been for Netflix,” said Robbins.

Some students complain that Netflix takes a long time to update current shows with new seasons.

“I started the Vampire Diaries on Netflix and finished the available seasons before they released the last season,” said senior Alex Miller. “It was frustrating because the season had already premiered on TV at least a year before.”

Hulu Plus, however, puts up TV episodes only 24 hours after they air.

Junior Sammy Kirshenbaum says that he originally had a subscription to Netflix but later switched to Hulu Plus.

“I think Hulu Plus has overall better programming. I also like that if I miss a show’s premier, I can watch it the next day on Hulu Plus,” said Kirshenbaum.

“While I agree that Hulu Plus offers some of my favorite shows, like Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Law and Order: Specials Victims Unit, they lack original programming. Two of the most popular shows on Netflix, House of Cards and Orange is the New Black, are their own originally series, which I think is pretty cool,” said junior Natalie Gray.

Netflix made a deal with Disney that will allow them to stream movies from Disney as well as Walt Disney Animation Studios, Pixar Animation Studios, Marvel Studios, and Disneynature.

“I already thought that Netflix had better movie options, but with their new Disney deal, they will far surpass their competitors in that area,” said senior Andrew Filipkowski.

Although Hulu Plus does not provide many movies, they give subscribers access to the Criterion Collection, a resource for award winning and critically acclaimed films from all over the world.

The major advantage to Amazon Prime is that with a subscription, costing $99 per year, you also receive free two-day shipping for purchases from

“I order things from Amazon all the time, so combining my love of online streaming with my obsession for online shopping is really convenient,” said sophomore Alexandra Filipkowski.

Overall, Netflix has the best original series and movie availability, Hulu Plus has the best immediate updates for shows premiering the night before, and Amazon Prime has the best deal for both their website and their streaming subscription.

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