SHS Welcomes New Foreign Language Teachers

By Tarini Venkat

This school year, Sharon High School is seeing a lot of changes in the Foreign Language Department.

Not only are we saying goodbye to Spanish and ASL teacher Mrs. Gundlah, after 13 years of working here, has moved to Ohio. We are also welcoming new foreign language teachers, such as Mrs. Wasef and Mrs. Albanese.

Mrs. Gundlah says her experience here has been wonderful .“I think starting the American Sign Language has been a huge passion of mine, and I got a lot of support from teachers, students, and parents. That and the Dreamfar marathon- I would never have finished three marathons if it weren’t for the students in this school.” she said, before she left.

Dreamfar is a mentoring program where kids from 15 schools throughout Massachusetts are trained to run marathons. It starts in November and culminates at the Providence Marathon in May.

Mrs. Gundlah says she doesn’t know what she’d be doing at first since foreign language is just an elective at the school she’s going to start teaching in. “Their positions in the summer didn’t have anything open, so I think I’ll just be subbing at first. I think any other school is going to be a disappointment compared to Sharon High School.” she added.

The new Arabic teacher, Mrs. Wasef, has been teaching for 17 years at Boston University and Gann Academy. Foreign Language coordinator, Dr. Dahlen, said she hired Mrs. Wasef because she was impressed with her abilities to connect with students.

Wasef said she chose SHS because she loves teaching high school students.

“Sharon High School has a very good reputation and a very strong foreign language department.” she added.

She says the experience has been great. “Although the class is tough, with enough studying and commitment, I find that the language and even the culture itself can be infatuating.” said senior Keenan Fulcher.

Another new teacher hired this year from Sharon Middle School is Mrs. Albanese, who teaches ASL.

Senior Levi Reyes says that, “The class is a lot of fun and it’s great being with both juniors and seniors. Mrs. Albanese is great, and she is super passionate about ASL and deaf culture.”

Dahlen said she was hired because she “has a doctorate in education- she did her research in El Salvador. Even though she was the special education teacher at the Saron Middle School, I knew she spoke it and it was a passion of hers. When we found out Mrs. Gundlah was moving, we were freaking out because not many people speak ASL, so I approached her with this opportunity and she was really excited about it.”

“My transition to the high school has been amazing. The students and faculty of Sharon High School are a wonderful, motivated and inspiring community of learners.  It is truly a wonderful experience to work with students eager to learn,” said Mrs. Albanese.

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