SHS Bids Farewell to Ms. Trahan

By Sofi Shlepakov (School News Correspondent)

Ms. Trahan has been working at Sharon High School for ten years, as this would have been her eleventh. After ten years at Sharon High School and forty plus years of working in education, Ms. Trahan is retiring.

Dr. Libano says the Ms. Trahan has been a great resource at Sharon High School. “She’s always been someone you can count on to speak honestly, take charge of a situation when necessary, and do the right thing,” said Libano.

Mr. Bacigalupi says that Ms. Trahan has helped him keep perspective and stay on track even when things got tough. “She always stressed the importance of giving and fostering respect through our relationships with others,” said Bacigalupi.

Bacigalupi adds that Ms. Trahan always made sure to always come to the school events and “always took time out of her life for the school.”

Dr.Libano says that he appreciated that before she came to Sharon High School, Ms. Trahan was already a “veteran educator.” “Anyone who listened to her or saw her in action knew that they could learn a lot and get excellent advice,” said Libano.

Trahan says she has been in Sharon for ten years , Weymouth for seven years, and has worked at a Catholic high school for twenty four years. “So it’s been a long time,” said Trahan.

Trahan says that she has learned that throughout her years in education she has learned that the adults in the building that strongly influence students. “We can influence their personalities, we can make them hate school, we can make them hate life, or we can make them love it and enjoy it and feel positive about themselves all by the way we treat them,” said Trahan.

“Sometimes that’s tough because it’s not always letting them do what they want. Which, even when I was a kid, I didn’t realize why teachers were so tough. I can know thank them for kind of keeping me on the straight and narrow,” she added.

Trahan says she is going to miss the people the most. “It keeps you young, it keeps you moving. Plenty of laughs, plenty of stories, plenty of good times – some tough times. But the everyday coming to work with such wonderful people is awesome,” said Trahan.

Trahan is excited to be able to spend time with friends and family, as a lot of them are retired as well. “In fact a few days after I retire, ten of us are going to Hawaii for two weeks. So I am beginning my retirement on a beach in Hawaii.”

Her last parting words for the students at Sharon High School are, “I think to always think a little bit ahead. When you’re making decisions try to think a little bit ahead.”

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