Boys Cross Country Running Past Competition

By Alex Starovoytov (Cross Country Correspondent)

Off to a promising, 4-1 start to the season, the Boys Cross Country team is looking to finish strong in the division championships and potentially attend the all-state meet as a team for the first time in over a decade.

With the aid of ambitious, new prospects and returning veterans, the team has already established itself as one to fear in the Hockomock league. The hours of determined work ethic, mental perseverance, and challenging workouts have begun to pay off as the victories begin to roll in. The head coach and players were glad to weigh in on their success.

“I would say that the secret is just in people bringing a positive attitude every day. I think our captains do a great job just setting a positive atmosphere. And I think it makes people show up willing to do the work, and we’ve seen a lot of improvement really quickly,” said head coach, Philip Gingras.

Gingras says that each meet is different in terms of how the runners must perform. While some need less preparation, those against tougher towns require that each runner knows “who they’re supposed to stick with,” and “what kind of position [the team] needs them to finish in.”

“We take a great deal of care in terms of planning our workouts and making sure we’re doing the right type of workout at the right time in the season. And then outside of that, my job is just to make sure that people have the right focus and are at the same time enjoying it,” added Gingras.

Senior and head runner Grant Fawcett says that before each race, he and the other captains take the time to get all the racers excited as well as explain what exactly to expect from the other team.

Fawcett further stressed the importance of benefiting from the time spent outside of the sport.

“We advocate for three main things: getting protein inside of your body, hydrating well during the day and out of school, and also getting a good night’s sleep. If you don’t do those three imperative things, your training won’t be as good and your races won’t reflect as good results as well,” explained Fawcett.

Fawcett went on to praise the coaching staff and refer to them as “monumental” in the prosperity of the team. “If we didn’t have them, we wouldn’t know how to train, we wouldn’t be able to attend the meets, we wouldn’t have transportation, so they’re really the keystone in our success,” added Fawcett.

Junior runner Kanishka Sethi says that the team’s early achievements are a result of tough work and commitment.

“We’ve been putting in work since the beginning of June man, we’ve been killing ourselves for each other through workouts just so we can make it to all-states, and so far we’re pulling in the clutch you know,” declared Sethi.

Sophomore runner Jacob Dubin says that the team’s success lies in the sport bringing everyone together into a big family with a common goal.

“The upperclassman shape what our team is and what it should be. They’re pretty much our parents during this whole experience, and they just guide us to what’s right and wrong and what we can do to ensure that we’ll improve throughout the season,” added Dubin.

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