SHS Welcomes New Part Time Teachers

By Lily Zhou (School News Correspondent)

Two new part-time teachers Mr. Michael Cichon and Ms. Zahraa Medji are setting out to help students thrive in Biology and French.

Mr. Cichon and Ms. Medji were chosen by their respective coordinators, Ms. Burke and Dr. Dahlen, and a committee to start teaching at the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year. Before Sharon High School, Mr. Cichon, who has 35 years of experience, worked in Fall River and Dighton Rehoboth while Mrs. Medji taught at a middle school in France.

Mr. Cichon, the new biology teacher, says that he is very impressed with the school and the privileges that are provided to the students. “Students are very interested in doing well academically and they have lots of privileges that go along with that, “ he said.

Cichon says that he likes to be involved with what the students are doing.  “I’m very outgoing and I try to learn as many names and faces as possible but it does take time so [the students should] be patient and eventually I’ll get to know them. But I love to get into conversations with students,” he said.

Ms. Burke, the science coordinator at SHS, says that the job was perfect for Cichon in terms of time that they needed and that he had. “I felt like he could walk in the very next day and do the job and he did, pretty much,” said Burke.

Burke says that Cichon works closely with the other Biology teachers and is a good fit for their team. “It seems like he’s been here forever,”  she added.

In his spare time, Cichon says that he is a big football sports card collector and also loves to fish and shellfish. “I love gardening as well. I have a big home garden where I grow my own veggies,” said Cichon

Ms. Medji, the new French teacher, says that she is very proud to be part of the Sharon High School Staff. “I met really welcoming people and very nice students so I’m glad to be here,” said Medji.

Dr. Dahlen, the Foreign Language Coordinator, says that Medji is really kind and mellow and enjoyable to work with. “She’s the only native speaker in our French department so her French is really beautiful and it’s nice to speak French with a native speaker.” said Dahlen.

Dr. Dahlen says that Medji is really excited to learn and is currently teaching a combined class of French 4 and 5. “This year the topic is the French speaking world so the fact that she comes from the French speaking world and has a different perspective from somebody even maybe who’s just from France, is really exciting.” added Dahlen.

Medji says that she taught middle school students with learning disabilities in France before coming to Sharon. “I loved that experience and then when I moved here I was really excited to share this experience with students,” she said.

Medji says that she wants to share her knowledge of the French Language and Culture with students. “I would love to have a very good year with them.”

“I am fluent in French I felt a need to share that with American students,” added Medji

Medji says that outside of school, she loves to go to the gym to walk and swim. “I also take care of my children,” said Medji who has four-year old twins.

Both Cichon and Medji are excited to share their knowledge and help SHS students learn and grow.

“I love trying to enact or to be able to help students achieve their goals and make sure they can make it onto an institution of higher learning wherever they might want to go,” said Cichon.

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