Red Sox Playoff Preview

By Max Tarlin (Baseball Guru)

It has been a season of ups and downs, but Boston’s hometown baseball team ended the regular season at the top of the AL EAST.

Coming off of a 93-69 season, the Red Sox are the AL East champions for the second year in a row. They play the Houston Astros in the ALDS, with the first game on October 5.
Boston’s ace Chris Sale faces off against Justin Verlander in a must-see game where he looks to avenge himself after a string of bad starts.

Senior Nathan Pomerantz says that the world series is out of sight, but the Red Sox still should be contending. “I expect the red sox to win the ALDS and possibly a few games in the ALCS but eventually lose to Cleveland,” said Pomerantz.

Junior Matthew Jacobson is very confident about the current roster, which is stacked with rising stars. “I expect the Red Sox to make it to at least the World Series, that is for sure,” said Jacobson.

Freshman Anthony Piscitello agrees, and says he expects the Red Sox to make it to the World Series. “I think that we could win it all in seven games,” said Piscitello.

Senior Ty Goldstein is less optimistic, and he says that he does not expect them to go far. “The last couple of weeks have been very embarrassing for the Red Sox, so my expectations are not too high,” said Goldstein.

One major debate recently has been about who the third starting pitcher should be for the playoffs. Chris Sale is the obvious ace, and Drew Pomeranz has been confirmed to be the starter for game two.

Nathan Pomerantz believes that Doug Fister deserves that job. “He has been consistent, he’s really good.”

Piscitello went a bold route, saying Craig Kimbrel should start the third game because of his supreme ability to close games. “I feel like he has the potential to start in the playoffs and get us off to a good start, shut the teams out,” said Piscitello.

Kimbrel led the team with a 1.43 ERA through a nice 69.0 innings pitched, and leads the team with a ridiculous 9.00 strikeout to walk ratio. He has established himself as an almost guaranteed save, but has no experience starting in recent years. But, it is something to think about.

The Red Sox kick off their postseason at Minute Maid Park this Thursday afternoon.

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