Fashion Week Attendance Down

By Sophie Rhodes (A&E Correspondent)

New York Fashion Week, that started with it’s infamous Kickoff party on September 5th and ended with its usual street fashion walk on the 16th, brought together more than 125,000 fashion lovers as well as 2 million who watched the shows on live stream.

The hashtag #NYFW was used 31.6 million times in 2015, yet each year the numbers slowly decrease as fewer and fewer attend the Americanized fashion week versus those who attend the world renowned European Fashion Weeks. According to a report by Fordham University, each New York attendee  spends on average about $650, and all together New York Fashion Week generates an estimated $532 million in direct visitor spending.

Each major fashion week is typically crammed into a month long affair for these fashionistas, so taking time off for every fashion week is near impossible, so they have to decide which one to attend. More opt for Europe given the choice.

Myah Shostek, a junior at Sharon High says that New York Fashion Week would improve its attendendance and ratings if they start adding diversity and different body types to fashion week. Provided they do this she said, “it will remain as beautiful and successful as it is known to be today.”

“Personally, I love to travel, so I think I would prefer to go to a European fashion week;  however I’m sure I would enjoy the actual shows of NYFW just as much,” said Shostek.

A huge reason why New York Fashion Week’s attendance is decreasing is that many American fashion enthusiasts would rather travel to attend a foreign fashion week.

Lauren Goldman, a junior at Sharon High, agrees with Shostek and said that that adding diversity will enhance the overall experience and shows of New York Fashion Week as well as draw more attention to it.

Goldman, who says she frequently watches live stream shows from New York Fashion Week as well as various other European Fashion Weeks said, “I think NYFW will continue to be beautiful and successful as it displays very different styles of fashion than what is seen at European Fashion Weeks.”

“I would love to go to New York Fashion Week or maybe one in Paris.” Goldman says as long as she could see the Victoria Secret Fashion Show, she would be “more than satisfied.”

Goldman says that some people care less about the actual cities the shows take place in, but rather the designers they will see and the opportunities they will have to network.

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