The Wiz Set to Hit The Stage

By Emma Burgess (A&E Correspondent)

Sharon High Theatre Company is about to ease on down the road to putting on the comical, classic readaptation of the soulful, stylish show: The Wiz

This year at Sharon High, the theater company is gearing up for the performance of the fall musical, The Wiz. The singing, dancing performers and dedicated crew have been working tirelessly on putting on the best musical classic of 1975 with a new modern twist – and are expecting it to be the best show yet.

This year’s Reinterpretation of L. Frank Baum‘s The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is blending many familiar songs and scenes I a unconventional, successful way that our theater company can do so well.

Molly Gladstone, this year’s fall musical stage manager is thrilled about the great opportunity it is to work as the leader of the show, “I love watching the show grow and thrive from both perspectives of cast and crew.”  

The challenges the show face day-to day is the top priority to Gladstone as she has a whole show to overlook at all times and can be a challenge in itself. Organizing and achieving tasks for the show can be tricky.

However, Gladstone says it’s crucial to make sure rehearsals run smoothly so they can work as a team during production meetings and rehearsals. A crucial aspect to the seamless running a great show.

The director of multiple shows at Sharon High and an expert on what can make our high school musicals the best is Mr. Waite. The challenges that he think the show faces is the concept of dating and time.

The show was written in a very particular time period for significant themes and settings which have made themselves relevant again but in a very modern way. Waite said, “Our challenge for The Wiz is pulling it from it’s fixed era and adjusting it to become more of a modern show.”

Despite being a visually and musically fun, fresh show, the message and importance to our country and school goes much deeper. “It is representative of multiple cultures and presents a powerful message in a humorous way,” said Gladstone. Sharon has always embraced its call for diversity and how engaged we as a community come together to tackle issues.

The readaptation of The Wizard of Oz has made for a great show to learn lessons from with the use of “Fun music and fun book” said Gladstone.

The reason that the directors chose to pick such a great musical is that Waite says that Sharon theater company has a lot to offer the show, “It’s a really fun show,” said Waite. The company is very unique in the way they can present and perform the show playing to the strengths of the cast. “The way we run our theater company, is we try to make it an ologist as much as possible to the way a professional theater company runs itself,” said Waite, rendering to the importance of how Sharon represents the upcoming show.

The message of the show can really help out students both new and old at Sharon High and would really hit home for many as Gladstone said, “The main message of the show is that you shouldn’t have to change yourself to be liked.” Taking the example of the four friends the show is set around, “They are all looking for something but create amazing friendships along the way,” Gladstone said.

Waite added that the message goes beyond the stage and opens up a wider audience of Sharon kids and others alike. Allowing them to really relate to characters from the show – unlike other musicals. “The importance of finding of value of who you are and what you have – already before you can appreciate the rest of the world,” said Waite.

Molly also states that modern American theater is more important than ever. It can be a great release for all to lose themselves in the thrill and performance of another world or time on history. Gladstone said, “it is a type of art you can escape through.”

Building of the success and impactful importance of last years fall musical Hairspray Waite says, “I’m super excited to be doing a show that takes it a step further” as our student population is incredibly diverse and wants the show to, “Appeal to a broader swath of society” said Waite.

Most of cast are repeat customers and been in theater for years. However, many are thrilled  to see new additions to the show have shown a lot of really interested and passionate in both cast and crew as production teams have grown in size by nearly 50%

“Mr Brodeur is an energy ball,” says Mr Waite, Sharon High School’s new chorus teacher, Brodeur is very eager to contribute to the success of the show.

All who have been working with him very pleased and thrilled to see the passion he brings to the show, Waite says, “I have met very few people who are as passionate about musical theater as him.”

Gladstone says the show is remade to become a modern tail that should be seen by all of the Sharon student body for the sheer amount of dedication and spirit all those who work in the show have worked for, “They have worked months to do what they love and put on the best show,” said Gladstone.

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