Students Flock to AP Economics

By Alex Lefkowitz (Online Editor In Chief)

There may never been a course at SHS that has filled up more quickly than AP Economics.

Students at SHS are always looking to take a stronger schedule with the most AP classes, so it should not come with much surprise that this course enrolled. Many students in the course intend on having a future in the business field, and were thrilled when they saw this course on the list this past spring.

SHS history teacher and economics major Mr. Sanborn is one of the two teachers that will instruct this course.

According to Sanborn, many believe that economics is a course that business schools like to see on a high school transcript. “Students and parents believe economics will help them be prepared for the business world and many kids see [business] as their path.”

Like many other AP courses, teachers only are given limited topics that they are advised to instruct to help students prepare for the AP exam, and given AP Econ is a new course, speed bumps are certain. “Probably there are things that could go better that Mr. O’Reilly and I will need to adjust and improve,” Sanborn said. “We are working hard to make it run smoothly and effectively.

SHS senior and AP Econ student Jake Romanow says he took the class for a number of reasons including because of the teachers instructing the course. “I know [Mr. Sanborn and Mr. O’Reilly] are highly regarded teachers both inside and outside the Sharon High School community and it would be my first opportunity to enroll in one of their classes,” Romanow said.

Ms. Regan, SHS guidance counselor and a VHS coordinator, says she saw a trend that many students started signing up for the VHS version of economics. “Over the past few years, we saw many students had an interest in economics through VHS, so the idea for making a full year course came about,” Regan said. “Then, once we saw how many students were interested and signed up for the course, it just came down to teacher availability which luckily enabled us to have three sections.”

Also, students were attracted to the course because they know it will give them a stronger economic background than the half year elective. Daniel Lilienfeld, a junior who took the half year Econ class last year, says he thought last year’s elective was a very enjoyable course so he took the course to expand his economic knowledge  

Students in the class will have the opportunity to take both the AP Microeconomics and AP Macroeconomics exam. “I was unaware that I could take both AP exams, but now that I do, I think it gives me a great advantage going forward and get some college credits,” said senior Ty Goldstein.

Whether taking AP Economics will make a student more competitive in terms of college applications is unclear, there is no denying it was a big hit among the student body.

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