Girls Field Hockey Ready to Breakthrough

By Jeremiah Bonnet (Field Hockey Correspondent)

Potential is stirring in the nest, Sharon High girls field hockey is underway and more excited than ever. After seasons of loss, the field hockey team is looking to shock the Hock.

Coach Andrea Vandette is impressed with the improvements she has seen thus far, and is looking forward to upsetting a couple of schools this season, after starting the season 0-7-1.

While the team is looking to win, they are taking it slowly, for it is clear that they will not go from zero wins to a winning season in one season. Coach Vandette is focusing on smaller improvements, taking the season one step at a time.

“I’m happy with the improvements the girls have made and I’m really hoping they can pull off an upset this season and surprise a team or two on how much we’ve improved. We’ve got a lot of talent and potential on this team and if we can just execute on a more consistent basis we will be a strong competitor to any team in this league,” Vandette said.

Consistency will be the name of the game season, along with playing hard, remaining competitive, and constantly putting forth a persistent effort. The field hockey team is ready to move on from a winless past, and win a couple of games this season.

Junior Ellie Romantz says that the team has been doing all they can do to pull off a win. “We have been playing as hard as we can and it is obviously not the result we want, but we are matched up against great teams with great field hockey programs. The team is doing a great job of staying positive and putting in the effort during practice,” she said.

Principal Jose Libano has been impressed by the effort shown at every game, he says that although the team has been losing, they continue to go out with their heads held high, ready to fight.    

The team has already seen some light in the first game of the season against Taunton High. Although they lost, the highlights were hard to ignore.   

“I think the girls surprised themselves on how well they played in game one. Lindsay Moses our goalie, saved over 20 shots in the first half alone. Senior Emily Locke scored our first two goals of the season,” said Coach Vandette.

Romantz believes that the solution to the drought does not just start in practice.

“The teams we are matched up against have youth programs for kids to get them interested in field hockey at a very young age. These towns build up the youth so that their high school teams can be successful,” she said.

Implementing youth field hockey programs in Sharon will build stronger talent at a younger age, resulting in a stronger high school team.

Additionally, a turf field may help the team. “A turf field would also be great. The majority of other schools we play in the division have turf fields, which is basically a whole other game as the ball moves much more quickly,” Romantz said.  

Sharon High’s new Athletic Director, Nicholas Schlierf, has taken in some of the action, and has been impressed with the play at all three levels. He says, “All three team’s have done a tremendous job at keeping us alive during games.”

While it is still early in the season, Coach Vandette noted that senior Leora Levitt and sophomore Anya Lane have put forth a consistent effort thus far, serving as varsity’s standout players early in the season.

Additionally, Coach Vandette gave attention to the whole varsity team. “There have been many others that have stepped up and had great games, now if we can all step up at the same time… watch out,” said Coach Vandette.

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