Meet the Captains: Boys Soccer

By Jack Zinman (Soccer Correspondent)

In 2016 the Sharon Eagles varsity soccer team finished with a record of 11-4-4 led by captains Ben Stamm, Shalin Patel and Ian Camilli. They captured their first Davenport division title since 1994 before getting eliminated from the D2 south playoffs in the 1st round by Pembroke.

After losing such a strong senior class, sophomores Michael Baur, Brian Higgins, Isaiah Stessman, Viktor Schneider and freshman Bryce Nathan are looking to fill the holes. Marques Benton, Conlen Driscoll and Andy Reyes-Jones are a strong part of their senior core. Sharon is also boosted with a strong Junior class including Ethan Kantor, Daniel Lilenfeld, Nick Stamm and Alex Dias.

Motivated in 2017, the Eagles are ready to repeat as Davenport champions and make a deep playoff push. Sharon is led by 3 captains this year: Shubo Roy-Chowdhury, Ty Hippler and Spencer Hall.

Captain center midfielder Tyler Hippler adds a lot of depth to this team and is one of the best vocal leaders on the squad.

Ty feels very confident with the teams defense and how they can hold offenses to very little scoring opportunities. “Our defense has been playing extremely well and we are holding teams to very few shots,” Hippler said.

He knows they lost such a deep group of seniors last year but Tyler knows that the Sophomores and some Juniors and Seniors are ready to step up. “The underclassmen and even some upperclassmen have to help us make up for what we lost when last years seniors left, so they will have to step up and play hard and we will be good.”

The second captain is center back Shubo Roy-Chowdhury. He is a big part of the strong defensive unit for the Eagles.

Roy-Chowdhury thinks that the offseason conditioning sessions will help the team outlast the other Hock teams and have better stamina. “We’ve got a lot of depth due to the large roster, and the whole team is well conditioned”.

Just like Hippler, Shubo is really confident in the underclassmen and believes that they can be leaders even though they are younger than everybody else. “I think we have a lot of young talent that can step up and continue to improve the program.”
Spencer Hall, the third and final captain, adds a strong physical presence to the field. When asked what position he plays, he says, “I really play anywhere.” He started the season out as a forward, but lately he has had more of a defensive role.

Hall is blown away by junior goalie Ethan Kantor. “Every time I see him play I’m blown away by the saves he makes and how long he can stay in the air to get the ball.”

Through the leadership of Hippler,  Roy-Chowdhury, and Hall, the Eagles look to capture a second straight Davenport title.

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